Yard Pavers Cost – Material, Cost and Color

Yard Pavers Cost – Whoever builds a new house, would probably like to design its driveway, courtyard, and paths beautifully. Paving stones are suitable for this purpose. But which pavement of which material, in what color and at what cost?

At the moment, we are also increasingly thinking of the outdoor facilities in addition to the actual house construction. This is not only the high costs that make us go, but also the countless possibilities and decisions are not that easy. Although we could tackle the issue of paving work also in the rest next year, however, it is already nice, if one already has a ready drive-in on the move. It also saves dirty shoes, since in the autumn and spring the danger of mud and mud puddles is banished.

Find Suitable Paving Stones

Whoever thinks that the subject of pavers is a simple one, is mistaken. Of course, you can have your plot paved with the rather cheap bone pavers, Rasengitter or gray rectangles, but if you have so much pleasure in it, we dare to doubt. Especially when you are playing for the first time, you want it to look particularly chic. This gives you a wide range of possibilities in form, color, material and laying pattern.

To find the stones that were suitable for us, we all clustered around the surrounding hardware stores looked around in the neighborhood and were in a sample exhibition. We are around the corner in Rüdersdorf Berdingbeton, which have a simple park with their available paving stones.

Here, on the one hand, we could exclude some combinations by the rather high price per square meter. On the contrary, instead of the very popular reddish colors of the autumn, we prefer the gray direction. But not a simple color-covering color, but different gray shades in light and dark mix. Even if the exhibition offers a whole lot of paving examples, there were only two interesting stone varieties for us.

In our local building market, Bauunion Neuenhagen, these stones are also offered, since we have let us make a tender. Due to the different sizes and colors depending on the type, various prices per square meter come together, but as we are mixing these, we end up in total at the cost of about 18 euros per sqm. Although not a very low, but pleasingly acceptable price for the pavement, after all the prices we have seen so far …

In the neighborhood we also saw this cobblestone driveway which we liked very much:

Yard Pavers Cost

Only with the purchase of the pavement is of course not done, because there must still be properly laid. Although you can make the partial synonymous itself, it should be tidy and long – so let’s let the professionals run.

Our pavement offer now looks as follows:

  • Recycling material deliver and install – 8.90 € / m²
  • Delivery and installation – 3,50 € / m²
  • Lay the existing paving slabs, including incising, sanding and jogging – 12.50 € / m²
  • Side facing of the pavement surface like a board or edge runner in concrete – 12.50 € / lfd.m
  • Stairpodestest in the entrance area with palisades + 1 stage – 2,8 m² for 600,00 €

Attention: these were 2012 prices. Inflation and CO are now likely to be higher.

The simple plaster laying work is therefore not even the most expensive; the high costs arise additionally by the surface and material to be adapted as well as by the lateral borders and necessary stairs Podesta in the entrance area. If you now count on an area of more than 100 m², the costs for plastering are quite high. Also, the actual costs of the paving stones are not included here, which is 18 € / m².

Overall, you have to plan for at least 5,000 – 8,000 euros depending on the required area. If specials then also gladly even more. Also, the costs per executive company vary immensely, which can make the whole more costly.

Yard Pavers Cost - Material, Cost and Color

Cost Of Pavers Vs Concrete
Cost Of Pavers Vs Concrete

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