Vinyl Outdoor Shower Enclosure Kits

Vinyl Outdoor Shower Enclosure Kits – Admittedly, a bit of tent pitching is part of the self-built garden shower. Even the thought of the saunas is not really remote. A garden towel must neither be minimalist nor cold, and it can also offer the necessary privacy. This is exactly the beauty of DIY – everything is possible. If you plan yourself, your wishes can be implemented quite freely.

Vinyl Outdoor Shower Enclosure Kits – Easy to Advanced

McGyver made it clear: From the simplest everyday items you can make a lot of things. Also a solar heated shower for the garden. This does not take much:

  • Dark canister or plastic bag with at least 20l capacity
  • A short piece of garden hose with shower head (fixedly connected)
  • A suspension possibility

The dark canister or plastic bag is filled with water in the blazing sun (for example, in a tree or on a frame.) The garden hose with shower head should be fixed at the bottom of the canister or the plastic bag so that the water on desire can flow. Normally, the sun heats the water in canisters within half an hour to just over 40 ° C on. Depends the water longer in the sun, it can be up to 70 ° C reach, making it even too hot for showers. who Is going to be safe, so builds a mixer battery from the hardware store and lets the water flow through the mixer battery, then into the showerhead.

Vinyl Outdoor Shower Enclosure Kits – Little Work with Prefabricated Sets

The so-called Solardusche or camping shower is also available in the kit. Depending on the model it can be quite cost-effective, so it is not necessarily worth buying and building everything yourself. Both the individual components as well as the kits and ready-made camping showers are available in the hardware store.

If you want to spend more money, you can look for trekking, camping, and outdoor activities. These showers are, however, all quite mobile and not intended for stationary use. Whoever wants to take a shower in the garden has, of course, completely different possibilities.

Vinyl Outdoor Shower Enclosure Kits – Visibility, Wooden Box, Fine Fittings

The shower in the garden does not have to be easy. It can be as comfortable as the wet cell in the bathroom, if not even better. Out of sight is drawn up and attached to fixed post are bamboo mats, opaque planted hedges, wood fences (prefabricated modules or even slatted created) between post-tensioned fabric panels or the like. The shower needs a water tank that is overhead. This can be a large wooden tub, which is swinging suspended and can be poured over a rope simply, or the already discussed Solardusche.

It is, of course, also possible to install a water pipe in the garden and to use the normal tap water for the outdoor shower. Another possibility is to connect the shower to a reservoir of collected rainwater from the own property. In this case, however, filters should be installed for hygienic reasons.

All Year use is Difficult

As liberating as the shower in the garden may be: year-round use is only heated models, the water pipes are insulated. Because in Central Europe it is quite cool between November and March, and there is a danger that the free water pipes freeze. If the shower also is used in cold weather, the lines must like everywhere outdoors isolated are, and rain and snow protection is also recommended. Numerous suggestions and even whole building instructions are available by the way online.

Vinyl Outdoor Shower Enclosure Kits

Outdoor Shower Enclosures Lowes
Outdoor Shower Enclosures Lowes

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