Summer Time – Outdoor Grill Ideas Plans

Outdoor Grill Ideas Plans – The summer barbecue in the garden or on the terrace is a trendy leisure time. But not infrequently, the barbecue is a source of controversy with the neighbors.

Although grilling is permitted in the own garden in principle, consideration is given to the neighborhood to avoid disputes and possibly legal disputes. If the smoke and smell are too high, grilling can be unacceptable to the neighbor. The regulatory authorities can even impose a fine on air pollution. In general, a charcoal grill generates more odor than an electric grill, for example.

Outdoor Grill Ideas Plans – Different Grill Judgments

However, what is allowed in concrete terms is assessed differently by the various courts of the Federal Republic. According to Bonn District Court, tenants may rent a balcony or terrace once a month from April to September. The neighbors must be informed 48 hours beforehand. The Landgericht Stuttgart ruled that three times a year or six hours a year on the terrace can be grilled.

The “Bonner Landgericht” has acknowledged the barbecue in the open air as a “socially customary.” However, if residents and neighbors are disturbed by the smell, the grill can only be held five times a year According to the Bavarian Supreme Court, barbecuing on a charcoal fire in the garden of a residential property cannot be prohibited, according to the verdict, five times a year.

If in the case of crickets, the smoke generated by the crickets penetrates concentrated in the living room and the bedroom of uninvolved neighbors, this is a considerable annoyance in the opinion of the Village Dussel Oberland Court. This violates the regulations of the Landimmissions Protection of ESET’s and can be penalized as an administrative offense with an excellent.

In general, however, it is advisable to maintain a good neighborly relationship to avoid legal disputes. An invitation to the barbecue can be a miracle.

Outdoor Grill Ideas Plans – Observe the Safety of the Grill Grate

According to statistics, about 3,000 barbecue fans are injured every year because they carelessly deal with alcohol or even gasoline at the barbecue. The consequences can be severe and even life-threatening fire damage. Experts advise therefore to observe a few important safety principles.

  • Do not use highly flammable substances such as alcohol or benzine to ignite the grill. A safe alternative is professional lighting aids such as burnt pastes or chimneys.
  • Do not store flammable objects near the grill.
  • Make sure that the grill is level with a level surface.
  • Please note the quality and safety seal when purchasing the grill. The plaques of TÜV and the sign GS stand for quality and a minimum of security.
  • Never leave the grill unattended. This is all the truer when children are present.
  • Always keep a blanket, a bucket of sand or a powder extinguisher.
  • Do not clean the grill with water. The resulting water vapor can lead to scalding.
  • When using a gas grill, make sure the connections are tight, and the connecting hose is not exposed to heat.
  • Do not dispose of grill charcoal until it is completely cooled. Do not pour the members to the ground for cooling, which can cause fires and is particularly dangerous for children.

Outdoor Grill Ideas Plans – Principles of Health

  • Do not let any fat drip into the members. If fat burns, potentially carcinogenic substances are created.
  • Therefore, grill the best on frying pans or aluminum foil. This also makes cleaning the grill easier.
  • Black cut out burned meat or vegetables generously. The burned areas contain the toxic acrylamide.

Outdoor Grill Ideas Plans – First Aid in Case of Fire Damage

To avoid permanent damage, rapid reaction and proper first aid are necessary, especially in the case of fire damage. If a person is burning, smother the flames with a blanket or extinguish with water. When using a fire extinguisher, make sure that the extinguishing foam or the extinguishing powder does not come into the face.

Outdoor Grill Ideas Plans – Immediately Cool the Burns

Combust burnt skin with cold water and cool quickly. This helps to avoid serious organ damage. For cooling, keep the affected parts under running water or immerse them in cold water. Cool for at least 20 minutes. Cover open wounds with a sterile bandage and immediately get medical treatment. For larger area burns call an emergency physician immediately.

Summer Time - Outdoor Grill Ideas Plans

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