Spray On Lawn Seed

Spray On Lawn Seed – We pimped our lawn. The brown, withered grass needed a beauty treatment. Do not look so, a dead face in front of the house. Amid all the otherwise carefully maintained front gardens. Here in our beautiful suburb. No, that really does not work.

We want a healthy, fresh lawn. A really rich green. And now and immediately.

Simply showing new lawn was yesterday. Or wait quite normally for the summer until the lawn is all green again.

Since we are in America, there is, as is well known, nothing that does not exist. So we get what we want. Now and immediately. Our desired green lawn is just a phone call and a canister of color removed.

We have just sprayed our lawn with a green color.

It took us an hour and afterward we had our green lawn. And green leaves. And green sand. But it looks pretty.

Healthy and fresh, the lawn is still not and with the thick layer color on it anyway Schon mal not at all. But really nice green. More appearance than being so to speak. (I would like to emphasize at this point: the color is definitely not harmful!).

The spell is supposed to last about four weeks, then the color fades or grows out (like my blonde hair color – that what the approach reveals, sometimes reminds me of dead grass, right, I was still not at the hairdresser).

A kind of spray tanning for the lawn so. I find it funny (because harmless). That there is such a thing and that one actually does it. America has once again confirmed to me that it is the land of unlimited possibilities. And if it is only about lawns.

And for our neighbors:

The grass on the other side of the fence is always greener.

Spray On Lawn Seed

Spray On Lawn Seed
Spray On Lawn Seed

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