Runway Lights For Driveway 2017

Insensitive and Highly Visible

Runway Lights For Driveway 2017For take-off and landing of aircraft in the dark or in poor visibility conditions, the right lighting is fundamental in order to ensure safe air traffic at the airport.

The firing marks the crucial areas of the entire airfield. The light sources are integrated into under- or over-floor design in corresponding obstruction lights. Especially the latter require vibration-duty lamps withstand the vibrations generated during takeoff and landing. In addition, the special security requirements require a steady and long light output in order to ensure a smooth arrival and departure of aircraft.

Runway Lights For Driveway – Halogen Lamps

Halogen lamps are the ideal light source for airfield lighting. The decisive factors are reliability, durability and manageable maintenance costs – properties that are attributed to the halogen lamps from OSRAM. They provide an immediate and constant light output and convince with a service life of up to 6,000 hours. The light of halogen lamps is completely flicker-free, dimmable and provides even in poor weather conditions such as snow or fog for perfect lighting conditions. Thanks to their small size piston and the high luminance, the lamps are also ideal for the compact design of the airfield fires. OSRAM’s halogen lamps in the power range of 30 to 200 watts with or without a reflector.

Runway Lights For Driveway – IRC Lamps

Halogen lamps produce more than just visible light. 60% of the radiation generated consists of unused infrared rays. This makes the IR coating to Use. It makes it possible to reflect most of the infrared radiation back to the filament. The less energy has to be supplied from the outside to bring the filament at its operating temperature. The Ergebnisse: higher light output, lower energy consumption, and longer life. In the field of airfield lighting, IRC lamps are optimized in terms of life and achieve twice as long as standard halogen lamps under the same conditions. A property that suited the lamp for use for airfield lighting.

Runway Lights For Driveway 2017

Landscaping Ideas Driveway Lighting
Landscaping Ideas Driveway Lighting

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