Price Of Flagstone Pavers

Profile paving system for stone and concrete slabs

Price Of Flagstone Pavers – The TALUX profile paving system for stone and concrete slabs is much more than a simple and conventional module system. It combines a variety of sophisticated features in a new, innovative and high-quality product – Made in Germany.

With the profile paving system, stone and concrete slabs can be laid very simply, quickly and economically. With the aluminum edge and intermediate profiles, which serve as a support surface for the stone and concrete slabs, the substructure is created depending on the size of the stone slabs and the desired laying pattern.

The substructure consists of the edge profile, which is screwed together to form a frame. The intermediate profiles are then inserted into the edge profiles. The substructure can be aligned very quickly and precisely by positioning the intermediate profiles in the edge profiles. If the substructure is aligned, the stone and concrete slabs with the joint support crossroads are installed in a single pass on the profile substructure securely, quickly and with an exact joint pattern.

Due to the specially designed edge profile, the system allows a continuous, closed and high-quality edge termination at all times, in which the front and cutting edges of the stone and concrete slabs are not visible. In addition, the edge region can be closed very easily and quickly with an aperture which is fastened in the fold of the edge profile.

On the profile paving system, all stone and concrete slabs, for example in the sizes 40/40 cm, 60/30 cm and 80/40 cm, in the thicknesses 30-80 mm can be used in almost all desired laying patterns – from the cross and semicircular, diagonal laying to To individual and customer-specific.

The edge and intermediate profiles are available in a length of up to 600 cm. When the dimensions are fixed, the profile paving system can be delivered as a ready-to-use kit, which must then only be assembled on site at the construction site.

The profile lining system can also be extended with the TALUX LED backlights as well as the drain channels. These novel products offer new possibilities in the design of stone and concrete surfaces.

Prices of Flagstone Pavers

The following non-committal guide values for the cost of construction are usually the case, but in some cases, they can deviate greatly, for example when concrete substructures, scaffolds, waterproofing etc. are necessary or the construction site is only accessible to a limited extent with machines:

  • For simple terraces with inexpensive concrete blocks, approx. 90-120 euros per square meter can be expected.
  • Particularly beautiful and long-lasting terraces made of high-quality natural stone or surface-finished concrete with a beautiful laying pattern can be set at 150-250 euros per square meter.
  • Wooden decks cost between 130 and 200 euros per square meter.

The prices include excavation, substructure, terracing slabs, joining material, work wage, edge edging and plate cutting, thus all that is needed for the construction, but not the dismantling of a possibly already existing terrace, which is supposed to yield to the new one.

Example Calculations

  • Flagstone Pavers 30 sqm simple designed and good construction site accessibility: 30 x 100 = 3.000,00 Euro
  • Flagstone Pavers 40 sqm medium difficulty and accessibility: 40 x 150 = 6.000,00 Euro
  • Flagstone Pavers 50 sqm, high-quality flooring, also with a few steps with staircases: 50 x 250 + 1.500 = 14.000,00 Euro

The Planning Honor

It is usually between 400 and 1,000 Euro for “household” terraces, in difficult cases even more (differences in height, staircases, walls, interceptions, …). When you request our planning price offer, you will get a non-committal information about the total cost of the terrace.

Price Of Flagstone Pavers

How To Install A Flagstone Patio
How To Install A Flagstone Patio

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