Pervious Paving – Water Permeable Paving Stones

Pervious PavingWater permeable paving stones are ideal for the home garden! The rapid drainage of the rainwater into the ground and the reduction of the wastewater costs for sealed surfaces are good and convincing arguments. When laying the stones you must pay attention to the correct working of the ground! A perfect result can be obtained from a professional from your area!

The possibilities of variation in the selection of paving stones for the garden, courtyard, and entrance are almost inexhaustible. Water-permeable paving stones offer some special advantages – last but not least save you money according to the latest wastewater ordinance! provides you with all important information and gives an overview of the different products!

Previously only the simple and rather boring Rasgittersteine were known – nowadays there is a wide selection of water-permeable paving stones. These differ slightly from the appearance of the “conventional” pavement but offer some interesting advantages, which are particularly interesting for the yard and the garden.

In the following, you will find all the information you need and the most important tips for laying the “eco-plaster“!

Water Permeable Paving Stones as an Attractive Option

If they are unsure whether the laying of infiltrating plaster is the right thing for your property, these four arguments could help in the decision:

  • The selection possibilities between classic lattice stones, water-permeable composite stones, and beaded stones should provide attractive options for every taste. While lattice stones permit the growth of lawns, the other models are very similar in shape, color, and structure to the known pavement.
  • The rapid, drainage of the rainwater is, of course, one of the real advantages of the eco-pavement. They relieve wastewater systems and direct the precipitation directly into the groundwater or to the roots of trees and plants.
  • Recently, sewage charges have to be discharged for sealed areas when they are connected to public sewage systems. With water-permeable plaster, you can reduce or completely circumvent these charges! The exact cost factor you will learn from your municipality – sometimes very different regulations apply here!
  • The prices of the simple water-permeable pavement are between 10 and 18 euros per square meter and are comparable to the conventional paving. Special models or colors can, of course, cause a higher price.


Infiltrating plaster is not suitable for all events! The stability of the floor covering can be reduced on busy roads and the subsoil loses a part of the water permeability due to the high loads.

The laying: The filling is important!

The actual laying of the water-permeable paving stones does not present any major difficulties because the procedure does not differ fundamentally from the laying off other paving types. Rather, care must be taken to ensure the correct working of the subsoil:

  • In order to be able to process a sufficiently large quantity of filling under the pavement, the terrain must be excavated at least 50 cm. If it is found that the subsoil is impermeable, drainage pipes must be laid. In this way, you avoid a water jam under the pavement and prevent damage! This work requires special equipment and basic knowledge about the nature of the soil.


Consider: The efficacy of the patch can only work as well as the underlying layers permit it!

  • The filling of grit or gravel must be compacted with a vibrating plate! Otherwise, lowering of the flooring is likely to occur in heavy rain or heavy loads.
  • This is followed by the actual laying of the stones according to the procedure of all paving work. Ensure that a slight slope is to be incorporated in the case of infiltration.
  • Depending on the type selected, grouting is the last step: sand or fine-grain gravel is used for this purpose – the best possible stability of the substrate has to be ensured!

Pervious Paving - Water Permeable Paving Stones

Permeable Concrete Driveway
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