Outdoor Kitchen Sink Station

Outdoor Kitchen Sink Station – Forget the disposable barbecue from the gas station. With an outdoor kitchen and grill cook in style in the garden. From the sink to the Wok can use the outdoor kitchens a conventional kitchen in nothing. Information, models and manufacturers are available here.

This summer comes to cooking outside in the outdoor kitchen. Whether summery risotto, multi-course meals or steak: In the outdoor kitchen can enjoy themselves vegetarians, gourmets, and barbecue fans. If the kitchen in the garden is to save yourself a long way from the house to the garden, while the food is cold and the guests sit outside alone.

Advantages of the Outdoor Kitchen Sink Station

An outdoor kitchen gives you the luxury of quite spontaneously deciding what and how you want to cook or barbecue in the garden to be able to. For the modern outdoor kitchens can, anything is possible in a “regular” food. Many outdoor kitchens are at least with a cooking area and a barbecue equipped. So you can just cook spaghetti well as wok dishes or even a grilled steak. The beauty of an outdoor kitchen: You do not stand alone in the kitchen but can converse with their guests while you cook on the outdoor station food.

Outdoor Kitchen Sink Station – Equipment and Accessories

An outdoor kitchen is after in their gear a small kitchen, ideally in anything. In addition to several gas burners, a well-equipped outdoor kitchen has a barbecue area and the possibility of a Wok use. Some outdoor kitchens provide supports for skewers, where can cook larger roasts. Is a cover available, can be even baked in the garden kitchen. But before you invest in professional equipment: For the first cooking experiments in the open air, a simple outdoor kitchen with gas grill is sufficient. Most kitchen systems for the garden consist of modules that can be expanded as required.

Besides the actual cooking area, an outdoor kitchen should have sufficient workspace feature. Only in this way it is possible in the outdoor kitchen pros all food and prepares. Storage space and storage space for kitchen utensils to work with the cooking station additionally facilitate. Is extremely practical one outdoor kitchen, when a sink features and a water tap. Simply the garden hose to the usual garden-connect system connected to the sink and you’ve got in the outdoor kitchen running water. So you can in the outdoor kitchen clean the drawn in your garden vegetables and the kitchen in the house stays clean.

Luxury versions of the outdoor kitchen offer besides hob, worktop and sink even the possibility of electrical devices to be integrated. Ovens, induction ovens or refrigerators are possible in such a garden kitchen. Such equipped outdoor kitchen comes then but already priced in a good kitchen zoom. But even without complicated technology, an excellent outdoor kitchen is not cheap. Even standard models with single gas burner and grill can cost several thousand euros quickly.

Mobile or Masonry: Outdoor Kitchen Sink Station

As the name suggests, an outdoor kitchen to the weather must withstand. For this reason, especially high-quality, robust materials such as are used in an outdoor kitchen stainless steel, teak and for countertops often granite used. This makes the kitchen fit for the garden. As the base is suitable, for example, a brick base or even from fixed sideboards anchored to concrete.

Not bricked, but are extremely mobile outdoor kitchens with wheels. With them, it is simply more flexible, which is to be cooked in the outdoor kitchen – on the terrace, in the garden or intense sunshine under the umbrella. Another advantage: To suspend an outdoor kitchen in the winter not too high weathering and corrosion, it can easily be stored on wheels in the summer house. There, the outdoor kitchen is to the next outdoor season between parked dry and safe.

Build an Outdoor Kitchen Sink Station Itself

You might want to try in terms of an outdoor kitchen in the self-made. As a weather-proof base for the outdoor kitchen has masonry substructures established. You can build on itself and there later an installation Grill use or Schamottöfen. For this purpose, various manufacturers offer unique fixtures. The hardware store you are informed of suitable building blocks for the substructure of the outdoor kitchen: You should be fire-resistant, weather-proof and can be blinded to the outer wall of the outdoor kitchen with decorative stone.

Outdoor Kitchen Sink Station

Portable Outdoor Sink
Portable Outdoor Sink

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