Outdoor Fire Pit Seating Ideas

Outdoor Fire Pit Seating Ideas – Fire fascinates people. Because we know and feel: Fire means warmth, proximity to other people and usually a warm meal. Even children love to crawl secretly. But to stir up in the secret is not only dangerous but also not very sociable. So why not create a safe and solid fireplace with seating arrangements where you can sit together, bake breaded buns, and bake potatoes in the fire? Your children and friends will thank you. And even your neighbors, if you make sure that no unnecessary smoke winds pull through its garden.

A simple fireplace with seating is easily built. A flat surface of about six meters is required. To prevent the spread of weeds, the surface can be covered with mulch from tree bark or spruce needles. As a seat, you need six logs, 30 centimeters wide and 1.2 meters long, which is circular, so that they form a stop sign. The stems should be placed on flat stones to prevent them from rotting. Pegs, which are hammered on both sides and ends of the trunks, ensure stability.

Outdoor Fire Pit Seating Ideas – The Fire Place

For a simple fireplace, one needs only a few bricks, with which two small walls can be built in the form of an oval. Two points should be left open to ensure air supply to the fire. This construction is not only easy to build but also very handy when you want to grill. As soon as the fire is burnt down, a stone layer can be removed – Caution: hot! – and a grill grate to the fire.

If that is too complicated or too simple, professionally designed fireplaces can be bought from ceramic or stainless steel. Both materials are refractory and suitable for outdoor use. For those who do not like the smoke of the fire, there are so-called ethanol burners. They look very elegant and do not burn wood, but as the name suggests: ethanol.

Outdoor Fire Pit Seating Ideas – A Small Fire

A big drawback, however, is the ethanol fire: you can neither prepare sausage, nor potato and as a heat donor is not good either. A real fire warms, can be used for grilling and burns – if properly addressed – really long. In the beginning, the question arises: Which wood is best suited? Maple, birch, beech, oak, and spruce burn not only best but also produce good members. Collected wood should be sorted. This facilitates refilling while the fire burns. It is hardly believed, but there are many different ways to design the stacking form of the firewood for the campfire. Each form has certain advantages: a beam fire burns up to ten hours and becomes very hot, a pit fire is economical and weatherproof,

Now comes the tricky part: ignite the fire. Paper, petrol or the like are, of course, frowned upon in genuine nature hunts. And also not necessary. There is ample material in the garden, which is excellent as a scale, like the meal you fibers of decaying wood, the finely crumbling dry bark of pine, pine, larch, the pulp of the birch, crumbled plant parts, wood dust, And dry moss.

Outdoor Fire Pit Seating Ideas

Fire Pit Benches With Backs
Fire Pit Benches With Backs

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