IPE Decking Cost

IPE Decking Cost – Teak was yesterday. In the meantime, it was replaced by Ipe. The premium product for any terrace. It is ideally suited for concealment with concealed screw connection since this kind of wood hardly works at all. Visually, it offers a striking grain, which makes it very lively – every single board is unique! And by the durability class 1, it promises a lifespan of approx. 30 years. All the points summarized, the release can be understood.

IPE – Noble, Sturdy and Resistant

Terrace from IPE is clearly one of the best wooden tables ever. Even more durable, even more resistant, even harder – IPE can withstand even extreme loads. The Ipe wood is won from the Brazilian Lapacho tree and belongs to the hardest woods in the world. Ipe terraces are very resistant to insects and fungi. It withstands any weather conditions and due to its high density, it absorbs moisture only minimally and hardly changes. Not only the feel but also the look makes the friend of the wood beat faster. A particularly noble appearance is given to it by the slightly olive-shimmering color and the fine uniform grain.

IPE Terrace Wood with Great Color Variety

All in all, the color spectrum ranges from yellow over green, light brown / brown to deep black. And so it is clearly one of the most colorful woods used outdoors. The bleeding of the Ipe lasts to a very small extent. By bleeding, by the way, is meant the washing out of the colored wood contents. The swelling and shrinkage behavior of this species is also low. Therefore the terraces from Ipe can be used without any reservations for the design of your pond area or as a pool enclosure.

IPE is available in:

  • Profile: smooth, change-over fold with tongue & groove on the front
  • Dimensions: 21 × 120 mm, 21 × 145 mm to 25 × 145 mm, length 2130-6100 mm

The terraces are available with the following profiles on the visible side: corrugated, grooved or smooth planed on both sides

  • Thickness: 21 mm Width: 90/120/145 mm
  • Length: 1830- 6100 mm

Requirements for 1 sq.m.

  • board 145 mm = 6,90 m, 120 mm = 8,33 m, 90 mm = 11,11 mm
  • Substructure = 2,5
  • mfm Screws = 28 pcs

Please ask for available lengths!

Please understand that for logistical reasons, we need a minimum order of 100.00 lfm!

IPE is in principle a stripe and free of pinholes. Ipè is a homogeneous wood without interchangeable growth, keen defects are technical.

It is techno. Dried goods, the wood moisture content is about 16-18%.

The quality corresponds to a prime sort, max. 5% of the goods of a minor sort.

Tolerances in width are permissible up to +/- 1.0 mm in thickness +/- 0.5 mm.

The region of origin for Ipè is South America.

IPE Decking Cost

Ipe Wood Home Depot
Ipe Wood Home Depot

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