In Ground Pool Cost Estimator

In Ground Pool Cost Estimator – If the temperatures crack the 30-degree mark and one heat wave peels the other, there is no nicer place for a refreshment than the pool. If this is also in the own garden directly in front of the door, there is no longer hold for young and old – and the cool pool becomes the center for the family.

In Ground Pool Cost Estimator – Is swimming pool still luxury?

The cost of the swimming pool depends on the type of swimming pool. Simple, smaller prefabricated pools or prefabricated pools are already available at around 1,000 euro, while the costly but elegant and durable stainless steel basins have to be expected to cost at least 30,000 euro. There is hardly any border to the top.

Expensive is not only the materials for the pool itself, but also the lending of machines and excavators, such as a submerged pool, and, of course, the working time for the installation. The building permit can also cost quite a bit, if necessary. At the local building official, you can see if it is needed. Consideration should also be given to the regularly incurred costs for maintenance, various chemical agents, cleaning, etc.

In Ground Pool Cost Estimator Overview:

Swimming pool with steel wall (above-ground pool) from approx. 1.000 Euro

The steel wall pool is an excellent swimming pool for self-builders and the most favorable pool variant. Ordinary models are already available from approx. 1,000 euro. Round basins with a steel wall and a depth of fewer than 1.20 meters can be installed without sinking. The steel wall pool is suitable for gifted DIY enthusiasts who can assemble the basic model themselves. The built-in and set-up pools are available in the DIY store as a set. Here you should pay attention to good material quality, as well as on a user-friendly instruction manual and possibly additional costs incurred.

Swimming pool made of GRP (“ready pool”) from approx. 5.000 Euro

GRP pools are robust prefabricated basins made of glass fiber reinforced plastic. First, an excavation is carried out in the garden, and then the basin is inserted. Connections, pumps, etc. are already pre-assembled. Purchase, delivery, and installation can be carried out within two weeks.

A good example is the pools of poly fiber, which set new standards in design and quality.

The swimming pond as a self-cleaning natural swimming pool from approx. 10,000 Euro

For the nature lovers under the Plan such kings, self-cleaning natural pools or swimming ponds are suitable. If you want such a natural swimming pool, however, you need a lot of space in the garden and the necessary small money. A nature pool should only be a professional – so you have to turn to an expert. This can create, within a month, a pond including planting. The flora has to be given great importance since only the right plants provide for a biological and natural cleansing. A balanced supply of oxygen, which is ensured by a pump, is also essential.

Stainless Steel Basin from Approx. 30,000 euros

The most elegant, but undoubtedly most expensive variant of the own pool in the garden is the stainless steel basin. In addition to a wonderful aesthetic, the basin also offers flexibility in design and durability. The water in the stainless steel swimming pool heats up significantly faster than the conventional PVC pool – and keeps the heat longer. Also, they are easy to clean The drawback of the stainless steel basin is the high cost: Cheap pools are available from about 20,000 euros, plus a further 10,000 euros for the technology.

The 10 Best Tips Your Own Pool

1. Working together with experts

For which pool variant you choose, it is worth working with experts. Specialist knowledge is required especially in technology and insulation. If you do not already invest incompetent planning right from the start and then realize the project in a quality-oriented manner, then you can experience bad surprises. And in the case of errors, it can be quite expensive. Many swimming pool construction companies also offer competent service and regular maintenance throughout the year.

2. Set a budget

How much money can for the pool construction to be used? What are the costs of running costs? Only when the amount of the budget is fixed, one should decide for a certain variant. In addition, it is useful to include a certain amount of unforeseen costs.

3. Considering long-term costs

Keep in mind that swimming pools will still cost you money when it is completely finished. A pool has to be maintained, various algae etc. are needed, repairs are made … Whoever builds a pool in the garden must be willing to spend money in the long term.

4. Positioning the pool: No shade, no trees, no wind

The heating of the swimming pool causes the highest costs. Therefore it is advisable to plan the pool in the sunniest corner of the garden. The sun is the best source of energy for the pool! It is not desirable to place the tree just below the trees: on the one hand, they cause shadows and on the other pollute leaves and needles. Also, windy areas are not suitable for the pool. This causes the leaves to flow into the basin and the water cools quickly. In addition, it can not be particularly pleasant to swim in a drafty place. Possible remedies are always green hedges or a small wall.

5. Size

The swimming pool should not be deeper than 1.50 meters. You can swim well, but also stand still and have fun. The pool standard size is 8 x 4 meters with a depth of 1.35 and 1.60 meters. In this two people can swim comfortably. However, if you work for a pool construction company, you can also set the pool size individually. For small pools, the installation of a countercurrent system is recommended. As a result, it is possible to swim paths without having to always turn. For children, attractions and pool accessories such as gush shower, floor sweepers or geysers are the hit.

6. Investing in a high-quality cover

Do not save on the pool cover! On the one hand, the cover protects against gross contamination and accidents. On the other hand, high-quality cover prevents water from evaporating and cooling the pool. Meanwhile, there are also individual solar cover tarpaulins that use solar energy for the heating of the basin.

7. Stairways planning sensibly

A bold leap – and you already land in the fresh water. But remember, you would like to leave the swimming pool in the garden again comfortable. The exit should fit the pool size. Non-slip staircases and handrails help ensure that large and small people can safely get out of the pool.

8. Safety Consideration

A swimming pool is also a source of danger. So that no one is plucked, a cover for the pool is necessary. Pool owners are also subject to a traffic safety obligation. So you have to make arrangements that nobody else will be harmed. An ideal is an at least 1.20 meters high fence around the property so that no one “accidentally” to the pool. Further protective measures concern the suction openings of eg nozzles. You should not override a flow rate of 0.3 meters per second, the grilles in front of the intake openings must not have large holes (not more than 8 mm). Also, installation lights should be installed so that hair can not get caught in it.

9. Garden shower

A great addition to the pool is a garden shower. Here too, robust materials are the first choice: models made of brass, stainless steel, aluminum guarantee longevity. Many garment showers are mobile and equipped with a practical swivel or ground spike so that they can be simply plugged into the lawn and connected to the garden hose.

10. Water Care

To have a long life with a pool, the right water care is essential. One differentiates the physical (filtration and circulation) from mechanical cleaning (floor suction, brushing). Let the expert show you how filters are cleaned. For the chemical water treatment, pH and chlorine content play a major role.

The most relevant procedures are the pH-value regulation, the water disinfection (e.g., with Chlordepot Tabs, Chlorquick Tabs, and Chlorquick Gran), the algae protection (algae protection and winter protection) and the flocculation. Flocants enlarges minute particles to allow them to be filtered. The care products are also available as a set in retail stores.

In Ground Pool Cost Estimator

In Ground Pool Cost Estimator
In Ground Pool Cost Estimator

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