How To Build A Outdoor Fireplace

How To Build An Outdoor Fireplace – A private fireplace is the perfect place to spend lukewarm summer evenings in the garden with friends, family or alone. And at the same time, such a fire site is simply self-constructed. We will show you how to do this and what you need to consider in a fireplace in your own garden.

To build a fireplace in the garden you have to invest a little time and work, but the sweat is worth it. Because sociable or relaxed campfire descents are a highlight especially in the summer, in order to rest after the everyday rush. You can choose between different difficulty levels, which we will list here for you. In general, however, you should note a few things before installing a fireplace in the garden:

Before Building your Outdoor Fireplace

To avoid endangering yourself and other people around you, consider the place where you are planning the fire site. For example, there should be no inflammatory in the vicinity of the fire site, that is, no trees, hedges or shrubs. In addition, you should ensure that no current or gas lines are laid under the desired location. From these, as well as from the house or garden house, the place should be far enough away (from the house at best 50 m), but still, provide space for outdoor seating. A flat place, free of combustible material, is very suitable for this purpose. Before the construction of your fireplace, you should inform the city/municipality in order to clarify any regulations regarding a fireplace in the garden.

It is also important that you always frame the fireplace with stones so that the fire cannot spread, and never leave the place unattended.

If it’s quick and easy, check out our grills and fireplaces. These can be placed in the garden without danger.

For the simplest form of building a fire site, you only need:

  • A few big stones
  • Pebbles
  • A shovel/spade

Place the stones in a shape of your choice on the ground and then pick the given surface with the shovel about 10 cm deep. Sprinkle the pebbles until the area is covered. Finally, put the big stones as a border around and finished!

Medium – The Brick Fireplace

A bit more demanding than the first variant is a brick fireplace. For this you need:

Stones you can stack on top of each other – for example, beautiful stone

  • Mortar and spatula
  • Pebbles
  • spade
  • floor
  • line

Spray Paint

  1. Measure the size of your fire point and then attach the cord to the cane in the length of the circle radius and the spray bottle on the other end.
  2. Put the cane into the meadow and use the spray paint to mark a round surface.
  3. Cut the surface with the spade about 10 cm deep and insert the pebbles.
  4. Place large stones at the edge of the circle. Then apply a layer of mortar. Then again around of stones.
  5. Continue this until the wall reaches a height you like.
  6. Let the mortar dry and your fire is ready.

Tip: Remove any excess mortar with a damp brush.

Heavy – The professional fire station

For a more elaborate, widespread fireplace you can watch this video. You will need more time, but you can enjoy a professional fire station that will last a long time.

With a few handgrips, you can already build a beautiful fireplace in the garden so that you can spend long summer nights outside. Always be sure to comply with all regulations of your city/municipality and place the fire site in such a way that there is no danger.

How To Build A Outdoor Fireplace

How To Build A Simple Outdoor Fireplace
How To Build A Simple Outdoor Fireplace

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