How Much Does Grass Seed Cost

How Much Does Grass Seed Cost – In any case, the planting of a lawn by sowing is an affordable pleasure if you do the preparatory work yourself? If a gardener is to relieve you of the work, you have to charge between 2 and 12 Euro per square meter depending on the size of the preparatory work.

How Much Does Grass Seed Cost – 4 Step Guide and Cost Setup

The application of a lawn is a measure with long-term effect. If you are thinking about it carefully and carefully, this affects the quality of your lawn.

Likewise, the other way round, because a badly laid lawn will always remain a caring child, despite good care. Therefore, it is worthwhile taking the following steps:

1. Schedule Sowing Time

Rasensamen needs at least 14 days a germination temperature (soil temperature) of more than 10 degrees, also dryness or violent rain like the young seed does not like. So our weather offers spring and autumn as sowing time.

There are still some additional arguments for the autumn: rain and dew formation ensure uniform moisture in the soil, and the freshly sown lawn is less likely to enter than in the spring. In the winter and with the beginning of the growth phase next spring, he can then rest in peace, until he is stressed next summer.

2. Ground Preparation

In the case of a new installation, the floor has to be buried, about as late as possible, as many foreign bodies as possible are removed. If this is done, straightening, then the soil should sit for one to two weeks.

3. Seeds

In this time you can buy the razor, according to your special requirements. You will know whether it is a place for ornamental walks, a local expert will be able to advise you about the right lawn for your soil and the local light conditions. Be sure to purchase a control seed mixture (imprint RSM). These mixtures are tested by independent laboratories, which guarantee that the entire seed mixture from the seeds has been compiled for the purpose of use mentioned. A number combination is assigned to each use purpose, RSM 1.1.1 is, for example, ornamental grasses.

4. Sowing

Then sown as uniformly as possible in the amount indicated on the pack, which can be done with a spreader or by hand. The seed is worked in with the rake somewhat, not too deep, grass seeds are light seeds. Now you just have to wait (and keep hungry birds away).

Cost accounting

RSM seed mixtures are not among the most expensive offered, often they are unadorned packs, which also uses the public hand. At 7 Euro costs the kilogram, enough for about 40 square meters. More expensive, you can buy packs of well-known brands in the Gartencenter, an RSM number is not necessarily given here. But an impressive name like Rasensamen Supra 100, which for 100 square meters lawn can cost 50 Euro. Cheaper, some razor seeds from the discounter appears with 6, euro per kilogram. However, if you look closely, only 500 g seeds are included, the rest is sowing fertilizer. So 12 Euro per kilogram, often without any information about the composition.

How Much Does Grass Seed Cost

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