Cost To Fence A Yard

How Much Does Fence Construction Cost?

Cost To Fence A YardTo a house and garden belongs a decent fence. Whether a fence made of wood, metal or plastic – the fence construction not only serves to fence the garden and the property, a fence also provides a pleasant visibility from prying eyes. How much does the fence construction cost and can the fence itself be built?

Even in the garden fence, the fence construction costs cannot be calculated at a flat rate. The fence costs depend on material and size. In addition, whether you build the fence yourself or a company charged with it. In addition, it is important to note that there are often regulations in the field of construction. In certain areas of new construction, certain rules are laid down whereby a fence may only consist of certain materials, is limited in height or an additional planting must be carried out.

What is the Cost To Fence A Yard?

The classic garden fence is made of wood, stone (natural stone), concrete, plastic, metal, stainless steel or aluminum. The prices are calculated according to the current meters and height and differ drastically by the material used.

Cost To Fence A Yard – Running Meter

The following costs are experience values for a width and height of one meter and are inclusive of a work of a fence construction company:

  • Wooden fence, wooden fence – 30 – 45 Euro
  • Plastic fence – 80 – 150 euros
  • Metal fence – 150 – 200 euros
  • Stone, natural stone 100 – 200 euros

Total Cost To Fence A Yard

According to the law, the client has to settle the front of the property as well as the right side to the neighbor. For a common plot of 20 x 50 meters (1000 square meters total area), 70 meters of a fence (front: 20; side: 50 meters) must be paid. Thus the following costs are incurred by the fence construction.

  • Wooden fence, wooden fence – 2,100 – 3,150 Euros
  • Plastic fence – 5.600 – 10.500 Euro
  • Metal fence – 10,500 – 14,000 euros
  • Stone, natural stone 7,000 – 14,000 euros

In the first moment, the wood fence is much cheaper. It is important to remember, however, that a metal fence or a plastic fence will last longer because it is more resistant to weather and more robust.

Cost To Fence A Yard

How Much Does A Wood Fence Cost
How Much Does A Wood Fence Cost

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