Busch Gardens Williamsburg – Virginia Theme Park in Tampa

The adventure park Busch Gardens Williamsburg invites you to adventures and fun in an environment similar to 17th century Europe.

The well-known roller coaster Mecca offers a lot of driving the pleasure, a fantastic animal world, and attractions for the whole family. The park is located about five kilometers east of the historic Williamsburg in Virginia. It is 240 km to the capital Washington, DC and approximately 80 km to Richmond and the beaches of Virginia.

The park is divided into ten European villages to touch : Banbury Cross (England), Heatherdowns (Scotland – there is the Loch Ness Monster Rollercoaster), Killarney (Ireland), San Marco (Italy), Festa Italia (Italian Street Festival), Rhinefeld (Germany), Oktoberfest (Bavaria), Aquitaine (France) and New France (Canada).


  • InvadR is a wooden railway in the Park dorm New France for small and large visitors and is a theme of a Viking attack. The route leads through wooded terrain and conveys the feeling of weightlessness in nine places.
  • Alpengeist: With an altitude of 60 meters and speeds of up to 108 km / h, one of the highest, fastest and most curving hanging roller coaster in the world (Inverted Rollercoaster). This “snow monster” chases an initially harmless ski lift on a hair-raising ride through six bends and a steep fall over 52 meters.
  • Apollo’s Chariot is called the Hypercoaster, which rises higher than other roller coasters on 64 meters, then to the 21 floors to plunge into the depth.
  • Griffon: The world’s tallest dive coaster in the French village of Aquitaine lets the passengers fall at a 90-degree angle – vertically – down from 62.5 meters. The trip takes three minutes at speeds of up to 120 km / h. In doing so, the floors are retracted – this opens the viewers’ free view into the depths.
  • Mach Tower: The highest ride in the park raises 30 passengers in the air about 60 meters. On the tower, you can enjoy the view for a few seconds before returning to the ground at a breathtaking speed. Sophisticated sound effects intensify the experience.
  • Verbolten – Brave the Black Forest: The entrance to this ride is a German tourist office: the journey starts on the motorway. Suddenly, an unexpected detour leads to the dark black forest. At high speed, this new tour will take you through curves, over “Höhenzüge,” over the Rhine and through “valleys” of the German Mittelgebirge, until it reaches its peak in a case of almost 27 meters deep.
  • Curse of DarKastle: Spectacular dark ride in the German area with 3D technology and breathtaking special effects. Passengers go in golden sleds on a scary ride through an enchanted fairytale castle.
  • Escape from Pompeii: An adventurous boat trip through the historical Pompeii with special effects (buildings collapse, enormous columns break in front of the ship, fire, and smoke cover the city).
  • The classic chain carousel ” The Vortex ” is a bit quieter.
  • The figures of Sesame Street make the hearts of small and big fans beat faster in the Sesame Street Forest of Fun. Attractions include family-friendly rides such as Prince Elmo’s Castle, Bert & Ernies’s Loch Adventure, and interactive play areas.


The origins of the Rock ‘n’ Roll experience the audience of “London Rocks,” a musical journey at the Globe Theater. The 25-minute multimedia live show took place in the spring of 2014 after four years of preparation with over 200 contributors – including technicians, artists, and conductors.

Exhibitions / Exhibits

In “Wolf Haven” in the “Jack Hanna’s Wild Reserve” to learn about the behavior of wolves visitors more.

Christmas Town

The leisure park turns into Christmas time. A Christmas market designed according to the German model, impressive light installations, an ice palace for penguins and various rides are among the attractions in the Christmas village. And of course, you can not miss a visit to the Santa Claus.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg - Virginia Theme Park in Tampa

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Hours
Busch Gardens Williamsburg Hours

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