Best Wood To Use For Pergola

Best Wood To Use For Pergola – The pergola can be built of wood, stone or iron. Wooden buildings are the most natural. Superimposed, they combine functionality with beauty.

Pergolas are column or pillar constructions that form a space within themselves. Originally, they were used as shelter and partitioning of terraces. In the meantime, they organize gardens or other outdoor areas and are equipped with garden furniture to the place of conviviality. Various materials can be used as building materials. The most popular are, however, still wood.

Transitional Dispersions Made of Wood are of the Simplest Design

Wooden pergolas are available in various designs. They can stand free or emanate from the house wall. They can also stand between two houses or their own house and a garden hut.

The shape of the wood pergola depends on your own needs. However, transitional dispersions between house and house or house and garden house are easier to erect than freestanding forms.

The style is oriented to the style of the house: a country house receives, for example, a pergola in the style of pavilions. Caution also with the strength of the supporting pillars: A small garden does not tolerate a massive construction.

Impregnated OAK has the Longest Life

In order to keep pergolas year after year, the right material must be used for construction. Uncoated wood draws moisture. Therefore only coated wood should be used.

Impregnated oak woods are ideal for construction. Oak is one of the hardest wood types and provides the stability of the construction. Caution: Oakwood should not be placed on the ground because it will rot. Use metal shoes on the supporting arrows.

Schlinger Guarantee Stable Visibility

Only with the planting, the pergola becomes a visual barrier. Climbing plants are allowed to climb the piers of the pergola, thus creating the structure. In addition to self-caterers, there are Ranker, Spreizklimmer, and Schlinger. The design of the pergola decides which plants can tolerate the construction.

Supporting columns made of wood are particularly suitable for slingers such as the Blauregen. They have sticking roots. Their shots are faded with the years and the stabilization takes place so independently.

Please note: Small trees as a help for the plants can be useful at the beginning. Schlinger can best be combined with vines, such as wild wine. Useful and jewelry plants are so compatible.

Plexiglass Roofs on the Pergola Provide Weather Protection Advantages

As roofing of the frame, ideas such as glass or Plexiglas are available. Weather conditions and moisture cannot affect an acrylic glass canopy, while wood is suffering from it and requires regular protective coating.

Another advantage is that the sun can also be enjoyed under the pergola with a glass roof. As an optional sun protection, the DIY enthusiast should also attach an awning for plexiglass roofs.

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Douglas Fir Vs Redwood Pergola
Douglas Fir Vs Redwood Pergola

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