Best Pics Of Pergolas 2017

Pics Of Pergolas 2017 – Since ancient times the pergola for the decoration of houses serves and enjoys great popularity to this day as a classic element in the garden. The pergola, Latin stem or cultivation, was originally intended as a climbing aid for plants. Today, she also serves as a decorative element in horticulture and is an excellent alternative to the roof terrace.

Pics Of Pergolas – What is a Pergola?

An originally upward semi-open structure made of wood. Today it is often used in combination with an (indicated) as a roof terrace roof. Will she entwined with plants such as ivy or wild vines; it ensures magical charm in the garden.
Can be distinguished spatially two types of pergolas:

  • The free-standing and
  • The classic version, which is securely attached to the house.

Pics Of Pergolas – Types of Construction

Looking at the Design can also be divided into two kinds:

  1. The slats pergola, which is shielded by the brim with an individual, typically movable blades. This offers the advantage that they can be closed in bad weather conditions as a terrace roof. Garden furniture and all the interior can thus protect, for example, from the rain. Even as a sunscreen, this variant can be useful.
  2. The cassette Pergola usually has a fairly extensive and high frame. Top-mounted and fixed cross beam divides the construct above in so-called cartridge slots. They provide stability and allow elements such as sun protection as an awning can be clamped. Important to note here is that the cantilevers are attached at an angle. Only in this way will prevent the rain and everything else accumulates on top of the roof into the cassette.

As a variation of the pergola cassette can see the pergola awning call.

As its name announces, this is a combination of pergola and awning. Conventional awnings are almost free-floating, as they are only attached to the house wall. However, this type has pillars at the sides. This gives it a lot of stability. The advantages:

  • Wind and weather can not damage the roof terrace;
  • Even large areas can be covered with flexible use shelters and protected;
  • Some models can be expanded with additional side elements;
  • The original sun protection function becomes an all-weather protection for the terrace and the garden;

This type of roofing can be designed in different colors and make the garden an individual as desired.

Getting the different variations of the canopies, of course, different materials with them. Depending on the style and integrated electronics wood, metal, plastic or aluminum is used. Combinations of materials are also possible. Thus, the items of a timber pergola in the garden, for example, should mount above the bottom, or provided with weather-resistant wrapping ground sleeves. Only in this way can be prevented that the wood absorbs the liquid in the bottom and rots.

Living ideas and impressions we show here

Try to get an overview and find out here how the various pergolas look and can be designed in the garden as a patio roof.

Best Pics Of Pergolas 2017

Pergola Ideas For Small Backyards
Pergola Ideas For Small Backyards

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