Best Ideas For Small Patio Gardens 2017

Ideas For Small Patio Gardens 2017 – So many ideas, but so little space – the smaller the gardens are, the more plants and decoration are often found on the few square meters. Understandable, but from a design perspective, a faux pas, because a small-scale garden design makes the already limited space seem even narrower.

Ideas For Small Patio Gardens – Challenge Towel Garden

Townhouse gardens are usually not only small but also long and narrow – a thankless combination, as many think. But it was the so-called “towel gardens” offer creatively a great advantage: it can be divided into spaces well. And that, in turn, is ideal for those who realize the different styles in her garden or terminate differently used areas of your garden apart.

Ideas For Small Patio Gardens – Symmetry is the Key

The secret small gardens lie in distracting from the actual size of the garden. Located in a landscaped garden of a baroque model this is achieved by the symmetrical design and clear lines: The Rosenhochstämmchen in the book Rondell directs the view from the terrace to the other end of the garden. The book surrounds reinforce this “tunnel vision” still, the garden gains depth. But the Rosenhochstämmchen has a second function yet: it obscures the underlying seats with bench and rose arch. This creates a new garden space is created and aroused the curiosity of the viewer, which may well be hidden behind it. The second line of sight, so the imaginary line connecting the left and right linking the two pillars of flowers Hochstämmchens is interrupted by the roundabout. White gravel as Paths covering looks generous and elegant. The four rank obelisk in the book beds not only support the symmetry of the garden, they also open up new space for flowers.

Tip: In all beds use the same plants. The box balls in all four corners terrace guide the symmetry thoughts on here.

Ideas For Small Patio Gardens – A Round Thing

If you divided the garden into circular areas, one creates separate and yet related areas. These act even harmonious, if they are designed very differently because the circle is perceived as a self-contained form. That makes it an important instrument of garden design. In our example, it has also made the upsetting effect of circularity advantage: The really long, narrow garden works through the circles shorter and wider. Due to the different sizes and its offset arrangement additional power is brought into the design.

Ideas For Small Patio Gardens – Curves are Vivid

The size of the circles is adapted to the functions of the different areas: Most of the space occupies the terrace. Consequently, it is also paved circular. Tip: On a circular terrace should also be around a table are as far as possible, otherwise it does not act consistently. It follows a circular lawn, which is surrounded by flower beds with soft colors and connects the terrace with the second smaller seat. This is covered with white gravel and just big enough for a bank. In spherical shape cut trees and shrubs the overall picture complete.

Ideas For Small Patio Gardens – Creating Garden Spaces

In our next example, the garden spaces consist of a terrace, which is used for socializing, a retreat for relaxing leisure hours and the kitchen garden with garden shed and compost. Especially the latter one wants understandably do not like to have in mind when it settled comfortably just on a sun lounger under the tree. Remedy with climbing plants covered trellis. Take a little space and are less massive than stone walls or dense hedges. A special feature in the rear part of the garden is the brick raised beds: they not only provide new perspectives but can optically compensate in gardens with a slight slope even small differences in height.
Garden for the whole family

Anyone who has small children must compromise on garden design. As the balancing act between sandbox, swings and play area on one side and the desire for well-maintained herbaceous borders and lush green lawn on the other side still succeed as elegantly as possible, shows the family garden.

Ideas For Small Patio Gardens – Children’s Playground

In the back part of the garden, there is the “Kindergarten”. Here younger and older children have room to romp and play, for example in the sandbox or the self-made willow teepee. A climbing tree thrilled the older children. Important, especially in the very young: Although the garden is divided by the arc formed by Rose and groves line optically into two rooms. But the game corner is still visible from the house. The front area of the garden with terrace and flower beds was designed more to the needs of adults. But instead, to emphasize the contrast between the two parts of the garden by a particularly tidy acting “adult Garden” even more, the whole garden should have a playful character. This effect is achieved by the curved edges that give both the terrace and the flower beds with much more ease.

Best Ideas For Small Patio Gardens 2017

Ideas For Small Patio Gardens
Ideas For Small Patio Gardens

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