Best Gravel For Driveway

Best Gravel For Driveway – Gravel, and chippings are the most cost-effective way to design driveways. Optically, you often fit very well to many houses. You will find detailed information on how to get these entrances properly, and what costs you have to expect.

Benefits of Gravelled Driveways

Checked access roads

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to apply
  • So that rainwater can run off easily
  • Saving wastewater (because rainwater can seep away)

They can nevertheless look high-quality and can be designed in a very different way.

Stabilizing Mats

In order to avoid lanes, special plastic honeycombs can be installed under the gravel coating. They hold the gravel and help to avoid lanes and puddles. In addition, these honeycomb elements also increase load-bearing capacity and generally make separate edge attachments superfluous. So their commitment is worthwhile.

Weed Fleece

Weeds are used as a protection against unwanted weeds on the gravel, which is then quickly neglected. The weed fleece is best fixed with ground anchors.

Prices for Gravelled Driveways for Self-Construction

Wabenmatten you get in the specialized trade from about 15 EUR, the size of a mat is usually in the range of 120 cm x 80 cm, thus with around 0.9 m². As a square meter, you can estimate this to be around 16 – 18 EUR per m².

Weed flies costs between 0.50 EUR per m² and 2 EUR per m², depending on the thickness, design, and quality of the mat. For the ground anchors you have to expect around 10 EUR per 100 pieces, but there are often smaller pack sizes in the trade.

The prices for crushed stone can be found in our special contribution. Please note that there may be significant price differences depending on the type and that you may have to convert tons into cubic meters (observe compression ratio).

You will receive a binding allowance of around 15 – 30 EUR per ton for the building material supplier. In smaller quantities, however, you can of course (somewhat more expensive) also in the building market with building material trade.

Layer Construction

The layer construction for a graveled entrance looks as follows:

  • Weed fleece
  • 30 cm Gravel layer (can be more costly gravel)
  • 6 cm baffle edge
  • Floor honeycombs (stabilizing elements)
  • 2 cm Top layer of crushed stone (here you can use decorative crushed stone)

Best Gravel For Driveway

Types Of Crushed Stone For Driveways
Types Of Crushed Stone For Driveways

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