Best Garden Planter Boxes Ideas 2017

Garden Planter Boxes Ideas 2017 – Gardening is fun, and you do not even need your own garden. With the right tools, every balcony can be transformed into a small garden.

Spring makes you want to garden. What is more beautiful than fresh fruit, healthy vegetables and delicious herbs from own cultivation? But in the city, not everyone is lucky enough to have their own garden. The alternative: Just garden on the balcony. With a bit of skill and the appropriate equipment, many useful plants also thrive in a small space. And as a reward tomatoes, cucumbers and strawberries land freshly on the plate.

Garden Planter Boxes Ideas Instead of Flower Boxes

Whether you are cultivating herbs and vegetables or simply wanting to paint a colorful meadow mixture, the key role is to play the right planters. Of course, you can use simple balcony boxes from the hardware store, but these have a decisive disadvantage: they are narrow and long because they are suspended along the balcony railing. The cultivation area is therefore quite small, the proper garden feeling does not come up.

As an alternative, the traditional British firm Burgon & Ball has developed special planters for balcony owners who are not only practical but also look really good. The principle is simple: a plastic planting bag is hung in a box of wickerwork. The vessels are available in different shapes and sizes, from the herbal pot for the window board to the mini-bed for the balcony floor. Our tip: Choose one of the bigger boxes, about 100 x 40 x 40 cm. They are suitable for growing vegetables, lettuce and even potatoes. Drumherum still a few colorful summer flowers – so your balcony becomes a real farm garden.

The simple plastic boxes are available in different sizes and colors, and the special feature is the simple construction: you do not need a bracket, But are simply put on the balcony. Especially the larger versions are good for herbs or smaller vegetables.

Garden Planter Boxes Ideas: Vertical Gardens on the Balcony

The more densely planted a balcony style, the more beautiful it is. Especially in the case of small balconies, however, one quickly reaches borders. The trick: Gardening in height rather than in width! Plant trays or grids for climbing plants, for example, help to turn the balcony into a green oasis. In between there is space for table and chairs, the balcony does not seem too full. There are two clever ideas from Reform: The “VertVert” plant system consists of simple plastic boxes, which are cascaded like one another. Thus, entire balcony fronts can be converted into a hanging garden, which at the same time serves as a visual protection. Similar to the vertical herbal garden “Clements”: as a suspension, a scaffold of galvanized steel, In which small cubic planters are hung.

Practical and innovative is the system “Minigarden”, developed in Portugal. Here, any number of modules, each with nine plant containers, can be mounted one above the other – for example, the drab balcony wall can be transformed into a vertical salad bed. Also recommended: the “Verti-Plant” plant bags, which are filled with soil and hung on the wall.

Best Garden Planter Boxes Ideas 2017

How To Build A Planter Box From Pallets
How To Build A Planter Box From Pallets

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