Backyard Tennis Court Dimensions

Backyard Tennis Court Dimensions – A tennis court has at least the theoretically always the same dimensions. There are, however, small deviations, especially on sandpits due to the annual natural dislocation.

The Dimensions

The tennis court is rectangular, the long side is 23.77 meters long and the wide side 10.97 meters (including double field). In detail, the playing area is narrower, since there is only one player on each game half. The two outer longitudinal strips, therefore, do not count towards the individual playing field. In detail, the width of a tennis court is therefore only 8.23 meters.

On TV there are sometimes places where this double field (widened corridor on both sides) is missing. If only single is played, the principle is not a problem, although it looks visibly distinctly different.

The Net

In the middle divides the tennis net into two mirror-like hips. The net must always be exactly 91.4 cm high in the center. At the edge, it must be 1.07 meters high, with the “edge” of the individual being wider inside and the double outside (outside the playing field). In order to be able to play with a uniform network, flexible grid supports are therefore inserted into the network installed for the double, the height and the limitation of the network for the individual safety and/or display

The Playgrounds

Lines parallel and perpendicular to the net or the edges divide the playing field of the tennis courts into different playing surfaces.

The two small areas on the net are only relevant as a target area for the impact, which each has to land in the diagonally opposite field (the impact field). By the way, the lines themselves always count to the valid playing field. These pitch fields are 6.40 meters long and 4.12 meters wide. This creates a “T” in the top view. Therefore these fields are called T-fields.

Otherwise, the entire playing field (in the double including the double fields mentioned above) always counts to the valid area.

Backyard Tennis Court Dimensions

Backyard Grass Tennis Court
Backyard Grass Tennis Court

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