What Type Of Greenhouses To Choose?

Features of our climate, unfortunately, allow growing many plants only in greenhouses. The most popular option – is rectangular greenhouses with a gable roof or arch type. These greenhouses provide optimum illumination of the plants; they are simple and easy to use.

Spherical greenhouses can be met not very often. They have a form approximate conditional to round. Depending on the design, such greenhouses are six-, eight-and even dodecagonal.

They are ideal for flower greenhouses and look very elegant, though less practical in terms of heating. Another problem can be the location of shelves for plants. In the spherical greenhouse it is not so easy to put them in such a way to get the most out of the area.

Finally, another popular type of greenhouses – is wall trim. In this case, the greenhouse is parked to the house, while saving on heating and material. This is the most economical option of the greenhouse, which, in addition, allows you to come in it, without leaving home.

You decide what type of greenhouses to choose. But in any case, do not forget about some practical considerations.

1. The height of the walls of the greenhouse should be at least 1.5 meters, so that it was convenient to work in it.

2. Sometimes for covering greenhouses the plastic sheeting is used. Its only advantage – is low cost. This is an inexpensive, but not enough strong and durable material, which, moreover, does not provide reliable protection against low temperatures. The so-called reinforced films are more durable, but they, unfortunately, transmit light worse.

3. In Europe, for several decades for greenhouse the polymer material – polycarbonate is used. This is lightweight panels with internal longitudinal air cavities (honeycomb). Due to the internal air gap for insulation, they are not inferior to double glazing, durable (can withstand 50-degree cold) and have a modern look. For ten years the translucency of the material falls by only 2% , having the initial transparency of 87% (as of glass).

What Type Of Greenhouses To Choose?

Various Types Of Greenhouses   Garden
Various Types Of Greenhouses Garden

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