Boulders or Granite – Landscaping Ideas for Rocks

Not only can landscaping rocks help keep your garden looking clean and neat, they also help prevent dirt from spreading out away from the bed of your garden and are much more durable than other methods. They don’t get damaged very easily, and there are a wide variety of them, which means that you have a lot of options to choose from when creating your landscape.

Taking that into mind, let’s take a look at what exactly you should consider when you decide to use rocks in your garden, as different landscapes and gardens have different needs. First of all, you want your landscape to be balanced in softscape, which are foliage, such as flowers, plants, bushes and trees, and hardscape, mainly meaning the non-growing pieces of your garden, which is where rocks come in. Since each part of the garden has its own characteristics and plenty of opportunities, the combination of the two creates a truly spectacular picture. The point of landscape rocks is to compliment the softscape section of your garden.

Now, looking at the largest type of rock for landscaping first, let us observe the boulder, which is normally used so that you can identify the entrance to the garden. Because it is an entrance piece, you want it near the beginning of your garden, giving a visitor a clear indication as to where their eyes should settle first. Since the boulder could easily be bigger than other rocks in the landscape, their eyes will settle on that first, which means you need to know where to place it.

Second, there are flag stones, decorative rocks that are normally seen on the walkways throughout a garden. So, given that they are smaller than the boulder, they tend to also be smoother and often placed in sand, which lends itself to being able to have plenty of unique patterns.

River pebbles are much smaller than flag stones, but they are great for the drier areas in your garden. They’re able to take on rain and water that normally your garden may not get. If you have plants that require a lot of moisture, river pebbles may just save them.

And finally, take a look at granite. This last substance, often used with furniture and decorations, is often found near a garden, giving it some beauty and lasting invitation to guests.

After you’ve chosen the kinds of rocks you’re interested, you’ll want to look at a few other factors. Color is one you’ll want to consider, finding rocks that compliment the color scheme of your garden. You highlight the color of your garden by choosing the right rocks, and if the rock is very porous, you’ll be able to acquire moss that’s quite attractive. A warning, though: you don’t want your rocks to block anything in the garden, nor do you want the rocks to be sharp enough to harm anyone.

Boulders or Granite - Landscaping Ideas for Rocks

Rock Garden Design Tips, 15 Rocks Garden Landscape Ideas
Rock Garden Design Tips, 15 Rocks Garden Landscape Ideas

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