Spring is The Perfect Time To Install Landscape Lighting

Out with the old, in with the new! Spring is a terrific time to take care of those projects around the house like cleaning out the garage, painting, or do walkway lighting picturing some landscaping. Once the weather warms up working out in the yard can give you a great sense of satisfaction when you see your project complete. Building a pergola, installing annual flowers or installing some landscape lighting can be a great way to enhance the appearance of your yard. Landscape lighting is a very inexpensive and easy way to enhance the night time appearance of your home with very little cost. The average cost for a small starter set of landscape lights for the yard is about $20 and can be installed in an hour or so.

Spring also means longer days to work outside, especially with daylight savings time. It’s possible that you could install your landscape lighting and still have plenty of time to do other projects as well as enjoy some time with your family.

Here is a quick method to laying out your yard lights:

Pick an evening and go out in your yard with your flashlight and use it to high light the places that you want to light. Look at your walkways, trees, landscape beds, water features and driveways as possible locations for your landscape lights.

Determine your budget – this will help determine the quantity and quality of your lighting project. If you want to go for quality and don’t have the resources financially to install all of them at once, then go ahead and do your planning in advance, pick out the places that you will want landscape lights to be and get as many lights as you can afford. Do it in phases – come back when you can afford to finish the project.

Install your lights! The easiest method is using solar lights… no running of power to your lights, just install as described by the manufacturer. Nature provides the power.

In addition to enhancing the appearance of your yard, landscape lights can improve the safety of your home as well. Thieves are much less likely to approach a house that is well lit versus a houses that completely darkened at night. They can be spotted by neighbors and passer-by if you have good lighting as well.

Enjoy the spring time and make your yard standout with landscape lighting!

Spring is The Perfect Time To Install Landscape Lighting

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