Fall Season Is Great Weather for Installing Landscape Lighting, Fall Displays

After one of the hottest summers on record for many parts of the country, the fall brings much needed relief and cooler temperatures and makes for a great time to install some landscape lighting. Landscape lights add so much to the look and feel of your home and these days a simple system can be installed very inexpensively. Solar landscape lights are by far the easiest to install. They can be bought in singles or packs and install in less than an hour or so. As I’ve written about in earlier posts, the first step in your lighting project is to go out in the evening when its dark with a flashlight and highlight the areas that you want to accent. Every landscape has components that will need lighting such as walkways, steps or stepping stones, plant material such as specimen trees and shrubs, and water features like fountains.

One of the great aspects of fall is the turning of the leaves and the vibrant colors that occur. This beauty can be enhanced with the landscape lights and usually with up lighting such as spotlighting or broadcast lighting. But there are other ways to light big established trees, for instance with moonlight globes. I wrote about moonlight globes in an earlier post and described how they offer a more modern look. They are more expensive than the landscape lights that most homeowners purchase but offer a look that no other lighting can. They can be hung from branches or placed at the base of the tree. Either way, they are a very unique way of lighting your landscape.

This time of year is also a perfect time to get creative with fall displays of harvest including the classic wheel barrel with pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn with possibly hay bales to set the background. Adding a scare crow or wooden wheel is a great accent as well. Be sure and add some fall plant material such as Chrysanthemums, Sweet William, Pansies (in the south) and ornamental Cabbage or Kale to your landscape as well. Top it all off with some landscape lighting and you’ve got a terrific fall display that you can enjoy for the next several weeks!

An outdoor porch decorated for fall should include practical and decorative lighting. One option could be installing rope lights to mount under porch railings or around the edges of the porch overhang. Rope lighting is available in various lengths and colors, and they can be combined with other rope lights or trimmed to fit perfectly. In addition to rope lights, consider choosing two solar or electric spotlights that can be pointed toward the display on both sides of the walkway. The addition of lights is one of the easiest ways of decorating a porch for fall, and it makes a dramatic impact on the display.

Whatever you’re personal taste is, take an afternoon, get outside and have fun with landscape lighting!

Fall Season Is Great Weather for Installing Landscape Lighting, Fall Displays

Kichler Landscape Lighting   Copper Collection Path Contemporary
Kichler Landscape Lighting Copper Collection Path Contemporary

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