Feng Shui in the Garden – Living in Harmony with Nature

Feng Shui in the garden is the ancient Chinese science that teaches us how to live in harmony with the surrounding world. The term “harmony” as you should here balance energy exchange understanding between man and nature. Earlier, when this state was a natural thing for the people, they were an integral part of the overall natural energy and as part of that they were healthy, happy and prosperous.

But gradually, step by step, over the centuries left the people their natural environment – the natural and as a result, we now live behind the walls of modern life. Most people on Earth have hurt the balance described above, therefore, today a large part of the population achieve no real happiness, which is wholly-owned health a dream and the high productivity is also an impossible goal for most of us.

Feng Shui in the garden – water as a fundamental element

The name ” Feng Shui ” comes from a distant past, from a time when the main reaction forces for the people water and wind were. In term ” Feng Shui in the garden ” are interwoven complex and ambiguous philosophical beliefs, but we try to make as simple as possible and to explain them. “Feng” can be compared to a flow of energy, which is carried over our heads by the wind, and “shui” means water, which gives the floor new forces. According to the ancient Chinese theory, the energy current flowing through our house and the garden, exert both negative and positive impact on the residents. Today we insure the modern representatives of the Feng Shui doctrine that the family happiness, professional success and even fame and glory can be achieved thanks to the right device and design in home and garden.

Feng Shui in the garden – Fundamental Principles

Usually people follow the principles of Feng Shui in the design of their interior space at home, but if your house is surrounded by a garden, which may be in contradiction with the principles of Feng Shui. The probability of injury and of equilibrium for a large influx of negative energy in your home is large.

One of the fundamental principles of this philosophy is proper use of qi energy for Feng Shui in the garden. The Qi energy is a universal life force that is found in all living things. Qi creates the beauty and tranquility of nature. It is even said that slow-flowing water creates Qi. Perhaps this is to assume that we can explain the fact why so many people feel good on the quiet water, where they draw strength and peace. The reduced flow of qi energy negatively affects our success and our health. The Qi energy is all around us, because the life energy of nature is eternal. To feel the presence of this energy in our garden, you have to combine vegetation and water in garden design. The water should be a part of the decoration of each garden.

The balance – a key driver

All elements of the doctrine of Feng Shui in the garden should be agreed properly matched, according to the Feng Shui teachings. If you want to live according to the ancient Chinese wisdom, do not permit that an element on the other dominates it. It is also advisable to try to make the central part of the garden is always free. Plant there no high trees and shrubs a. Try to arrange everything as if it has already existed for many years. When creating groups of trees, shrubs and flowers you prefer to avoid any symmetry. Do not use objects with sharp edges when creating paths and tracks, and also in places where you spend more time. Use more rounded and smooth shapes as you draw your garden paths and plant groups.

A flat garden does not meet the Feng Shui Recommendations

The creation of a “flat” garden is one of the most common mistakes when creating a garden according to the principles of Feng Shui. Try rather to create the garden on different levels with interesting and varied topography. This will help determine the retention and storage of more energy.

When planning and garden design you need to consider it, that influence of this Chinese philosophy the various garden areas different aspects of our lives. So, standing with her back to the house and overlook your garden. The furthest left corner represents wealth and prosperity. Given that bright colors attract the qi energy, try there in this part of the garden to plant plants with bright red or blue colors or colorful leaves.

The central part of the garden symbolizes honor and reputation. Leave this area dates or make there an arc, grow on the vines. So the positive energy is directed home. The lower right corner of your garden symbolizes the love and the family, so it is desirable, there are plants with pink, light blue or white flowers and bright leaves.

World Movement and its symbolism to the Feng Shui -Teaching

If you want to apply the principles of Feng Shui very precise, you need to take a compass, standing in the middle of your yard and determine the eight cardinal directions.

North – a symbol of creativity, new ideas, inspiration, plans for the future, career, music, art. Place there your workshop, but this is also a perfect location for a water feature. Ask here no stone groups and do not leave large empty areas unoccupied by the vegetation.

Creating stone garden in the northeast

Northeast – a symbol of knowledge, wisdom, meditation, inner spiritual peace. In this part of the yard, it is desirable to leave some free space. A rock garden is at the right place, a statue and a bench seat are also very suitable. It is advisable to preserve the natural landscape. Avoid planting trees and other plants in the area.

Grasses, herbs and trees in the east and southeast

East – a symbol of new beginning, rebirth, recovery, health, family life, health care. Use water elements here. The place is suitable for fruit trees, different types of grasses and herbs, an outdoor bathroom or sauna would be a great idea. Use in this area no metal accessories, no metal furniture. Here white flowers are not desirable.

Southwest – a symbol of health, wealth, riches, material wealth, relationships with other people. Use wooden decorative items. The place is suitable for the cultivation of plants.

South and southwest – you can include a cozy sitting area

South – a symbol of opportunities, dreams, aspirations, awards, fame, power, longevity, happiness. Fire is a very important element in this part of the garden. It is desirable to place the barbecue here. Remove rings to around plants with large leaves or fruits. Water plants but have no place here.

Southwest – a symbol of romance, motherhood, love. Take advantage of the terrain. This is a highly suitable place for family recreation and sports games. Ask here wood -Gartenmöbel, arches and fences.

West and northwest – playground for children

West – symbolizes children -Entertainment. Good place for a playground and an area for outdoor activities. Use the rainbow circle in the design of the outside area. Do not place here your Barbecue- Grill. And plants in this area no red flowers.

Northwest – symbolizes work, personal interests, travel, paternity, charity. You can use metal decorative items here. Suitable place for elements that are driven by wind. In this area can not make a fire, so the barbecue must not be here. They prefer to not use bright colors!

I hope when you make your garden, you will consider this information in consideration! It’s worth it!

High flowers and plants in the garden

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Feng Shui in the Garden - Living in Harmony with Nature

Water Shui Or The Natural Forces Of The Universe
Water Shui Or The Natural Forces Of The Universe

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