Chinese Harmony Transformed the Outdoor Environment

In the landscaping, there are many styles. Two essential features of himself: the simple and the landscape style. For the second match the principles of Feng Shui teachings, which have become very popular lately. More and more amateur gardeners want a feng shui designed garden. What can we learn this philosophy in planning the outdoor area?

This is a system of rules and principles, how we can create a harmonious environment to achieve health, happiness, and prosperity. Feng Shui is applied in various areas, but mainly in the architecture and interior design, but the greatest interest aroused the ancient Chinese teaching in landscaping.

We make garden – Basics of Feng Shui

The word “Feng” means wind and “Shui” water is, so Feng Shui symbolizes the two key elements in the life of the ancient Chinese. According to Chinese regulations, we have today taken over completely when selecting a site for a new building project, it is essential to evaluate the surrounding countryside. If a Feng Shui designed garden would, then you should give the surrounding woods close attention because their position and shape strongly determine the fate and the future of the house.

In ancient China, it was believed that each house was guarded and protected by mythical figures. The ancient Chinese saw their task to increase the positive impact of mythical creatures. Turtle, Phoenix, Tiger, Dragon, and Snake are symbols of Chinese mythology and a Feng Shui Animals considered. Each of these corresponds to a specific element, a color, world direction and has its own symbolism.

The turtle is a symbol of longevity and support. The phoenix symbolizes welfare changes, happiness, and hope. The tiger is a symbol of the powerful defense, the dragon brings success and the snake symbolizes wisdom and patience.

Before the house, a phoenix must stand. A turtle can be placed at the back of the house. The relationship between the dragon and the tiger is an important hierarchy. The dragon is higher than the titer, so it must be there. have hedges and small shrubs their place in the west of the courtyard and actively growing trees and tall shrubs grow best on the east side. If you want, also real symbolism can use with small statues or figures of mythical animals described above.

Garden make – divide the outdoor environment into different zones

For the design of the various functional areas helps us Chinese Ba -Gua octagon. It consists of nine sections, eight of which are a triangle. Each section corresponds to one aspect of human life. The octagon has his element, color and direction world. It determines the garden plan, the cardinal points, as a result of the garden is divided into nine zones.

Flowerbeds are not typical of the Chinese style. The flowers are just part of the total natural composition, they grow freely, without planning.

In the West – a place for recreation area

Northwest – “Friend, Teacher”: A good place for a recreation area. If you have a Feng Shui designed garden, then you should ask exactly in this zone Metal art objects. This means that the base color here is white, combined with silver, blue as well as yellow added, as the color of gold. In this area, well asters, peonies, ornamental grasses, Myosotis, Iris grow.

West – “Children”: The most convenient place for an outdoor playground. Plants with white or silver flowers like delphiniums, snowdrops, Lupine, here there is the element metal and these flowers accent it. Useful supplements, the yellow and orange color be, by the flower Rudbeckia, chrysanthemums. Especially recommended are the tulips.

South – Tall plants and steps can the garden structured act

Southwest – “relationship”: A good place for rest and relaxation. The accent is on symbolize those plants which love and friendship. Pink, red and purple are here the popular colors of the flowers are selected according to asters, carnations, roses, lilies, phlox from (Phlox), reflecting the power of the earth by their golden-beige tones.

South – “Fame”: This sector refers to the social status of the people. Here higher plants are relevant mounted in pyramidal design with orange and red colors, these are the different kinds of maples, sour milk thistle, also medicinal herbs. Other herbs such as peppermint, basil, lemon balm are also welcome in this zone.

Southwest – “wealth”: the appropriate place for a water feature. The water is a symbol of wealth and eternal movement. The best plants for this sector are sheeted lupins, fragrant violet, purple (Heuchera). The strong silhouette of a tree with narrow leaves is a must in this area. Here you can also grow different onion species.

East – a harmonious area where you can relax

East – “Family”: In this garden zone, the relationships are presented. Here you can create hedges. The area is dominated by the element wood and green color, it is the symbol of fertility. The harmony is here completed by early blooming flowers like primroses, crocus, and others.

Northeast – “knowledge”: A good place for perennials, symbolizing the continuous process of learning, also suitable for fruit trees. The earth element is dominant here and the dark green color represented by willow, juniper, etc.

North – Creating a water garden

North – “career”: From this area, one can expect changes in the career. Plants with curved blades are called for, the dominant element is water, the accent colors are blue and violet as Clematis, plum, iris. Posted by apple, jasmine, narcissus, and Phlox (Phlox).

In the garden center – medicinal plants with goldgelbenen and orange leaves

Garden center, the center – “Health”: The heart of your garden concentrates the positive energy. Here one should cultivate medicinal plants, as well as those with golden yellow and orange leaves. These include irises and yellow daylilies, they emphasize the dominant element, the earth.

Well, how is your garden look like? What flowers and what trees grow there? Do you want to follow the Chinese rules for harmony in your landscaping? I do it determined in my little garden. Or at least I try to make it! I wish everyone a lot of pleasant hours in a stunning outdoor area for rest and harmonious!

Chinese Harmony Transformed the Outdoor Environment

Outdoor Stone Japanese Lantern, View Outdoor Lantern
Outdoor Stone Japanese Lantern, View Outdoor Lantern

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