Small Garden Design – New Look Backyard In Sydney

Small Garden Design – The owner of several houses on a street in Sydney have composed themselves and decided to make their new backyards. All gardens have namely a wonderful view of the harbor. The architectural firm Aspect Studios was commissioned with the task of looking behind every house an idyllic small garden to make and then to connect the individual gardens together.

Small Garden Design – Select Garden Pond And Plants

First, the architect of Aspect Studios have every little garden divided into different areas. A small garden pond with river stones relaxes the senses. The garden leads a small stone path, surrounded by modern minimalist sculptures made of bamboo and The glass patio area was laid with concrete slabs. Evergreen trees invite you to relax in the shade while perennial plants with uniform growth image let the backyard are modern and well maintained. Several statues in human size, add the concept. One side of the backyards is shielded from the neighbors by a metal fence. The other side goes into a lawn.

Let The Little Garden Are Visually Larger

The lawn is the connecting element between the individual backyards. There are several comfortable seating areas were created, so that the residents and their guests can enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Thanks to the thoughtful design, perfect planning and a best execution all homeowners enjoy the comfort of a large garden and also have a well-shielded private area to relax in the summer months. From because of a crowded small garden – the backyards inspire a modern sculptural optics. The specially made statues and the high quality materials / limestone tiles, Onyx latten and details sandstone / catch the attention of guests.

The architectural firm Aspect is headquartered in Australia – where they have been known already for their creative projects. Worldwide they were recognized for their concepts for landscaping in public areas and several times awarded architects prices.

Small Garden Design - New Look Backyard In Sydney

Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas Kids Playground
Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas Kids Playground

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