Making Compost Itself – Quick Tips For Amateur Gardeners

Making compost itself is a fairly easy task. You do not need great knowledge to learn to compost. We give you some tips and advice that can be useful.

Making Compost Itself – First Steps

Before you produce compost itself, you need to find the right box for the personal needs. Standard compost boxes of plastic are very functional, although it does not really inspire the design. If you want a stylish addition to the garden, you can opt for wooden crates. The second step is the right mix for the compost. Too much grass in the compost can lead to unpleasant odors. Too much wood is rotten too slow. As an optimal combination of 50% wood and 50% Grass has therefore proved. If in the autumn fall many tree leaves, you can add the balance cardboard, newspapers or magazines. Also, rolls of toilet paper can help in this case. Meat, bones and fat will not get a place in the compost heap. If necessary, you can pour some water. Tree leaves can suppress unpleasant rumors.

Making Compost Itself – Applications

Who produced compost itself wants, will not only protect nature, but also the organic residues and waste can use from the garden again. Often you can use the compost as fertilizer. Especially flowerbeds will benefit from compost – you just have to spread the compost regularly. Who produces much compost, can fertilize with this the whole garden. What is important is to have the right mix -who doubted what belongs in the compost pile and what is not, can always ask in the garden stores. Attached we offer you some designs for compost box by the English company all4gardening.

Making Compost Itself - Quick Tips For Amateur Gardeners

How To Make Your Own Compost (Black Gold!)
How To Make Your Own Compost (Black Gold!)

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