Ideas For Individual Garden Path Design – A Highlight In The Garden

The romantically meandering path fits perfectly with the idyllic sitting area in the garden. Garden paths are an important part of garden landscaping. If you are concerned about an attractive routing, the following ideas for individual might Garden Path design help you with this!

Garden Path Design – Just Underline Lines

If you are a lover of clear geometry, then suits your style best a straight garden path design. The straight garden path is useful when it works as a connection between two points. For an expressive and exciting action you should round up the garden with lush vegetation and enrich – for example, by growing flowers perennials. A simple look you could by using high quality concrete blocks reach. But there are modern concrete blocks with their irregularly structured surface in a stylish contrast to the straight lines.   For validity is increasingly also of granite, especially in modern gardens. However wooden garden paths bring a touch of nostalgia and romance.

Garden Path Design With Gravel

If you want to deviate from the straight line, should choose the winding path, passing by a pond or gazebo. Embark on a magical journey through the garden. A winding path of gravel exudes sophistication and can invest without much effort. The favorable natural material for garden path design has a strong influence on the visual character of your garden.

Garden Path Design With Traditional Clay Pavers

With her warm reds and browns make Clinker garden paths colored. The material for garden paths is durable and easy to clean.

Stepping stone-way rugged

The garden path with stones blending effortlessly beautiful in the natural surroundings and a homely rural atmosphere. The textured stone path with the irregular joints possesses a natural charm.

Ideas For Individual Garden Path Design - A Highlight In The Garden

Moss And Stone Garden Path
Moss And Stone Garden Path

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