Exotic Courtyard Design Of A Coastal House In Australia

Enjoy the charming exoticism this Australian coastal house. The enviable courtyard design was created by Studio Urban Exotic Landscapes designed so that it corresponds to the minimalist architecture visually and gives it a touch of wilderness.

Courtyard Design Of Urban Exotic Landscape

This minimalist house with a flat roof has everything you could wish for. A highlight is certainly the Garden. The designer team of Urban Exotic Landscapes headed by designer Richard Kelly scored to bring the touch of a Palm Springs resort in the house.

Modern House With Palm Garden

The owners of this contemporary residence in Port Stephens enjoy a fully equipped outdoor area. To lead a perfectly with nature discordant life, you need namely nature. This should in the modern architecture to be integrated. High growing palms and screw pines surround the courtyard.

Harmony Between Architecture And Nature

The exclusive combination of nature and modernity provides all the conveniences of contemporary life are available. For privacy ensure high visibility protective walls from concrete. As a style-oriented complement to the minimalist shape of the flat roof house, the privacy wall was laid with concrete tiles. This gives the whole exterior extraordinary texture and depth. Tropical, warm and sunny, the courtyard invites you to linger.

Exotic Courtyard Design Of A Coastal House In Australia

Luxury Residence In Australia
Luxury Residence In Australia

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