Creating a Garden Path Design – Gravel, Paving Stones or Wood?

You want a create garden path, but cannot decide on the material? We are trying an overview of the basic principles and design options to procure. The three most important principles which you must comply are – the garden path should be stable, in line with the style of garden design and are of course built according to the purpose.

Creating a Garden Path – Rationalizing

Before Creating a garden path, you must carefully plan. It should be proven that no slipping while walking in the rain or snow is. In addition, it is very important, how often and by how many people the path is used. If you need a garden path, the results in the flower beds and facilitates working in the garden, this may be about 1 meter wide. But Plan a path that leads to the gazebo, you should expect a minimum width of 1,5Metern.

Creating a Garden Path – Comparison Between Gravel, Paving Stones And Wood

  • The garden path of gravel has several advantages – it is a low-cost variant is easy to put on. You do not need great knowledge and also drainage is not necessary -the water runs smoothly namely from.
  • Disadvantages – the gravel road can be cleaned only with difficulty. Therefore, it is recommended to build the gravel road only in sunny locations. Otherwise, moss could grow.
  • Garden path of paving stones – benefits. The cobbles are slippery and look natural. With a good quality and a stable foundation, this way can hold several decades.
  • Disadvantages – The paving stones are made of concrete or stone. The large choice of types of stone could confuse, and you should already know the differences between the various types of stone. Here it is certainly recommended that you opt for the already expensive alternative – these stones are frost resistant. The transport of the stones you should think in advance.

The Garden Path Of Wood  – Low-Cost Alternative

The garden path made of wood is an affordable alternative that looks natural. The drawback is especially the slippery surface of the wood.

Creating a Garden Path Design – Gravel, Paving Stones or Wood?

Stepping Stones Gravel
Stepping Stones Gravel

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