Create Hillside Garden And Patio Design – Tips From The Pros

Hard to believe, but true – the homeowner of this property on a slope has dispensed with years on a garden. Too complicated is the processing to the large landslides. But the landscape architect Ken Pattinson and his colleagues have demonstrated that with little creativity itself in a strong tendency to create hillside garden leaves.

Create Hillside Garden – Combine The Individual Elements

The landscape construction company Art in Green created the garden on three levels. First, the terrain was secured against landslide, after three individual terraces were created and covered with natural stone slabs. A staircase brings structure to the garden, terraces and connecting the leads to the house. Two small ponds with aquatic plants make the garden for lovers of peace and nature sexy. The paving stones pass into a wooden terrace, where two chaise lounges for sunbathing invite. Law was designed a narrow lawn. The clear division of the individual zones is very beneficial, particularly for hillside gardens. Screening is thanks to high hedge plants ensured. The individual design elements fit together perfectly – and who a modern Creating hillside garden wants, can be inspired.

Create Hillside Garden – Tips From The Pros

If you are also a wonderful and safe invest hillside garden like you’ll have to consider these tips. It is very important to prevent a landslide is. If the inclination is not too strong a gabion can help. Place garden paths rather concrete – they are more stable and are made to last. Terracing separate optically the garden and facilitate significantly gardening – may on the first terrace created a lawn, and in the second – are available for a comfortable seating area.

Create Hillside Garden And Patio Design - Tips From The Pros

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