Clematis In The Garden – Planting, Caring For And Hibernate The Clematis

Who could the playful romance of clematis in the garden resist? The beautiful plants are versatile and are suitable for both the balcony, as well as the garden. We give you an overview about the care of Clematis.

Clematis In The Garden – Plants

Nowadays one has to choose between a wide variety of Clematis species and hybrids. They are basically divided into two groups – summer – spring and blooming flowers. Clematis Alpena for example have blue color and bloom in spring. They grow quickly and can reach a height of three meters. These plants like shady places and rather dry soil. Summer flowering Clematis species other hand love the sun – they grow rapidly in a south facing garden. They have large flowers and can also be about 2 meters high. At the end of the summer they are cut and can easily survive the winter.

Clematis In The Garden – Care Tips

The clematis in the garden should be planted from August to mid-September – on request they can be with grass, flowers and low perennials combine – so plant roots and stems are protected from the strong rays of sunshine in the summer. In order to feel the plants well, you can buy special soil from the flower shop. Experts advise not to fertilize newly planted flowers – this can only next year happen. Regular in late spring irrigation is crucial for the rapid growth. With the necessary help climbing the summer flowering plant can overgrow a medium-sized pergola. Clemantis be pruned after the end of flowering. The hibernation depends on the plant – the plants are in principle but better in the garden shed or basement / as long as there is / there feel dry.

Clematis In The Garden - Planting, Caring For And Hibernate The Clematis

Clematis Garden Pics
Clematis Garden Pics

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