Boxwood Cut – Ideas For Landscaping In Spring

Boxwood Cut – All amateur gardeners know – gardening knows no end. Careful planning is therefore recommended. Those who want to enjoy a beautiful green garden in the summer, must in the spring to cut boxwood.

Boxwood Cut – From April / May Once Every Three Weeks

The boxwood – still known under the Latin name Buxus sempervirens – is a hardy evergreen shrub. With good care it can grow over time to a height of 5-6 meters. Today, the book is often found in gardens – the boxwood hedges provide privacy protection both in summer and in winter. Individual shrubs may be fanciful cut, so that they form ornamental figures. The English and French garden are often decorated with book characters – from May to the hobby gardener to cut bush tree. One should be aware in advance – the book gradually grows from April to October. Therefore, it is quite recommendable to fertilize the boxwood in April and from then to cut every 3 weeks. Regular watering and fertilization also play a role in the growth.

Boxwood Cut – Topiary

Whichever variety you choose to boxwood, is closely related to whether you want to cut large or small characters. It is important above all to cut the plant in the first year, so that it slowly accrues into the desired shape. Thus, the garden looks symmetrical, it is recommended to cut all bushes in geometric shapes. So not the wait – in spring cut boxwood and make a beautiful garden!

Boxwood Cut - Ideas For Landscaping In Spring

Growing Boxwood: Tips For Caring For Boxwood Plants
Growing Boxwood: Tips For Caring For Boxwood Plants

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