Architects Integrate A Modern Garden In A Greenhouse

Hokkaido Garden Path is a 200-kilometer Tour Garden Route. It begins in Asahikawa and takes you through Furano and Tokachi, where you can visit the magnificent gardens with 1,000 species of different flower and trees. “Tokachi Hills” was originally used as a greenhouse for growing vegetables. The building is located on a small hill in Tokachi, Japan and has been approved by Japanese studio nadamoto Yukiko architects renovated. The new design includes a modern garden, a souvenir shop and a cafe, offering access to the large garden. The different zones are in a large open space visually separated but joined together by naturally shaped cutouts in the floor. Beautiful plantings bring color and charm to the room.

Modern Gardens Integrated In Cafe

Before visiting the architects, the building has been used as a souvenir shop. “Paving stones were simply placed on the fertile soil and two trees stood quietly in a corner, where commercial goods were sold.” So the team describes the building before renovation. At this time the walls have been painted several times, but the colorful layers of colors drew the attention of visitors by the simplicity and beauty of the garden from.

Modern Gardens Contrasting Against The White Walls

In the renovation, the building was re-painted in pure white from ceiling to floor, which has allowed to emerge the leaves of the flowers against the walls. This modern garden has the ratio of “Tokachi Hills” amplifies the surrounding garden.

Architects Integrate A Modern Garden In A Greenhouse

Curved Eave Solarium / Greenhouse   Contemporary   Greenhouses
Curved Eave Solarium / Greenhouse Contemporary Greenhouses

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