Tips For The Formal Garden Design – Geometric And Clear Forms

Simple and classic, the formal garden never goes out of style. Here are a few tips for the formal garden design, so you can get this clear look in your garden. If you’re a fan of the geometric shapes and clean lines, then this style is perfect for you.

  1. Tips for formal garden design – know the basics

The first step in designing a formal garden is to get to know the basics. The formal gardens feature a simple, geometric style. The low boxwood hedges bordering the walkway from and create space for planting of Astilbe, hostas, and Annabelle hydrangeas.

  1. Tips for the formal garden design – you thinking straight

Create straight or slightly curved walkways from traditional materials such as plaster, tile, bluestone, paving stones or concrete. This creates a sense of order and cleanliness.

  1. Decorate with classic accents

Small touches like this simple planter, can have a major impact on the garden. The key here is the simplicity – the green-white combination fits together with the rest of the garden. Simple stone urns to choose for planters in formal gardens for centuries.

  1. Build relationships & Balance

Repeat certain shapes and colors for an organized look in your garden. Here, the stone vases, used as decorative accents, repeating the shape and color of the Annabelle hydrangea. And the low boxwood hedge imitates the shape of the brick path around the lawn.

  1. Provide adequate year-round structure

This means the structure of the garden, which you can see throughout the year, such as the boxwood hedges, the classic fence and the trees. If you choose the right plants for the structure, you would have a formal garden that looks good all year round.

  1. Limit your choice of flowers

Although this might be difficult for you, choosing and sticking to a specific plant type will help to bring the feeling of simplicity in its formal garden. Select only a few different plants and combine them in a balanced way. White is the traditional color for formal gardens and also a trick for shade gardens. It helps the dark, shady places easier and lighter to work.

  1. Enjoy the beautiful views without restriction

One of the advantages of the use of many straight lines in the garden is that they attract the eye and provide beautiful views. They are ideal for creating highlights, if you put your main emphasis at the end of a walkway or a series of lines.

  1. your budget keep in mind

Many gardeners associate the formal gardens with large, expensive structures. But you can create this style in the garden without spending a fortune. Here simple furniture mix painted in green with the color scheme of the garden and provide a comfortable place to rest in the open air or to entertain.

  1. Decorate with flowerpots

Your patio is a continuation of the garden, so do not let them act bald and use many planters and pots to create drama and elegance. Here an old terracotta pot with truncated boxwood, Dichondra ‘Silver Falls’ and purple vinca flower.

  1. Small Surprises

With all their repetition and symmetry, formal gardens can be boring sometimes. So do not worry, a little tension with little surprises add. Here is the Ipomoea tricolor the perfect accent for all green and white tones.

  1. Easily Maintained formal garden

One of the advantages of formal style in the garden is that it is easy to maintain. This garden is almost maintenance-free. It requires just a little weeding, mowing, watering and fertilizing. The plants look beautiful with just one cut per year.

  1. Grow Old fashioned plants

Plants like these Ipomoea tricolor give the garden a timeless charm and would feel right at home among the other classic features.

Tips For The Formal Garden Design - Geometric And Clear Forms

Formal Garden Design   Gardeners Tips
Formal Garden Design Gardeners Tips

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