The Garden Art Exhibition 2017 – Fascinating Garden Sculptures Of Plants

The following images will take you into a fairy tale world of flowers and plants. 200 Garden Artists from 20 countries put your garden creations on the international Mosaiculture Competition in the Canadian city of Montreal. The Botanical Garden is founded in 1931, 748. 600 square meters and has more than 22,000 plant species and varieties in the greenhouses, a large Arboretum, and approximately 30 themed gardens, making it the second largest botanical garden in the world. The Garden Art Exhibition 2017 will be held under the slogan “Land of Hope”.

Garden Art Exhibition From Plants And Colorful Blossoms

Nature presents itself here in its full blaze of color and beauty. The approximately 2 km long way in the botanical garden of Montreal was transformed into a magical oasis in artists. For the creation of the 50 Garden sculptures, reliefs and works of art more than 3 million flowers and plants were used. Step into the fairy tale world full of wondrous creatures. Fairies, wood nymphs, huge horses, monkeys, birds and much more embody the closeness to nature.

Garden Art Exhibition At The Botanical Garden Of Montreal, Canada

This year is the title of the exhibition “Land of Hope”. The garden art promotes sustainable development at all levels. The garden sculptures should still help to conserve the biodiversity of our planet. The sculptures are still to be admired until the end of September. Immerse yourself in the world of flowers with a relaxed atmosphere!

The Garden Art Exhibition 2017 - Fascinating Garden Sculptures Of Plants

Arts Food Garden Inexhibit
Arts Food Garden Inexhibit

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