Screening For The Garden – Protect Your Flowers And Plants

We offer you can save ideas on how to view protection for the garden – use plants and flowers to shield your private area.

Screening For Garden – Trees And Shrubs As A Natural Screen

Secure the privacy of the garden by planting tall shrubs and evergreen trees at the garden entrance. They will protect your private area well, without that the design is too strict. Combine the tall trees with decorative lawn to accentuate. Classics are wooden fence with climbing plants. The patio can also be screened by wooden pergola and awning. Water in the garden is not only comforting, it can also offer privacy. So you can high fountain or a waterfall in the garden building. High ceramic vessels with flowers are perfect decoration, and can serve as a screen. For maximum effect make the vessels on two stone pillars beside the garden door. Planted Wall is a popular choice for those who have limited space, and neighbors in the immediate vicinity.

Screening For Garden – Wooden Fence And Flowers

Wooden fence and flowers are as I said true classics, which the privacy of the garden relates. But that he acts not shielded and closed, you can plan small openings at the garden gate. Wood pergola and stone wall look natural and are a good combination for the garden in cottage style. Who wants an effective variant, the look should not only indoors, special consider even outdoors. So it’s a good idea to plant the two sides of Garttenzaungs. Ivy is for romantic souls who like to want a house in the forest, good variant. Even if you want to protect your garden from prying eyes, make the interior open and if you refrain from visual barriers. In this way, your guests are able to admire the whole garden, and you do not ever stumble across planters. We wish you a lot of fun in the garden design!

Screening For The Garden - Protect Your Flowers And Plants

Garden Screen Ideas – Trellis Screening
Garden Screen Ideas – Trellis Screening

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