Maintain Seasonal The Pond In The Garden – Useful Tips And Tricks

Read these tips and tricks, as the pond in the garden to cultivate, depending on the season. The care is not only seasonal, it depends on other factors on how the pond size, depth, location, design and content. But before you proceed with care, you are best at first a bit of basic information practice learning the garden pond.

Basic Elements From The Pond In The Garden

The sealing is especially important for the pond in the garden. It was made in most cases made of a flexible synthetic rubber or PVC. This element holds the water and prevents leakage. The sand bed is a different important element of the pond construction. On the sand bed which is actually seal placed. In rare cases, the bed consists of concrete or clay soil. The material for the border is of great importance, since this element plays a major role in the appearance of the pond. The rim consists in most cases of stone, concrete or wood.

How To Maintain The Pond In The Garden In Spring

Start with the care of the pond in the garden at the beginning of the spring season. Above all, it is especially important to thoroughly clean the floor. Leaks should be detected and repaired in time. The pump and the filter are also to check and to be substituted when necessary. You definitely need to procure more oxygenating water plants for the flora of the pond. You can also use the heat-loving plants, which were deposited in the winter, bring back into the pond. After the water has warmed up enough, add more plants for the water surface Add.

Maintain The Pond In Summer

In the summer it is especially important the water level of the pond in the garden to maintain. Add more water if necessary. Regularly check the content of chemical substances in the water. Remove the unnecessary leaves and overgrown plants and check regularly the water pump and the filter. It is advisable to install a fountain or waterfall in the pond so that the water moves. Do not forget to fertilize the plants regularly.

Keep The Garden Pond In Autumn Repaired

Remove fallen leaves from the water surface. If you have fish in the pond, you will spend less food because the metabolism of the fish in winter is getting slower. When the water temperature drops below 10 degrees Celsius, stop with the chucks. If it is really cold, you should deposit the fish and the summer plants somewhere for the winter. Let drain the fountain or waterfall. Then the is the pond in the garden for the winter ready.

The Pond In Winter

Cover the pond in the garden with wood or other materials, so that the water does not rise and freezes. Let but a hole, so that fish and other creatures get air and water can move a bit.

Maintain Seasonal The Pond In The Garden - Useful Tips And Tricks

Night Water Garden Tour, Chester County, PA
Night Water Garden Tour, Chester County, PA

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