Koi Pond In The Garden – Tips How To Choose The Fish Pond And Breed

They look forward over a koi pond in the garden and would like to also breed fish? Before you buy the fish, you need to assess the available space. The rule is – 2.5 cm fish length per 37 liters of water. So if you have a garden pond with 190 -200 liters of water volume, you can accommodate either a 15cm long fish, or two 8cm long fish, or six 2.5cm long fish there. If you are not sure about the constitutional power of the pond, you underestimate prefer, instead of buying too many fish. If you select the fish, watch the store on – aquarium with dead fish or fish which parts of fins is missing, you should rather avoid.

Koi Pond In The Garden – Which Fish Are Best?

The goldfish, comet tail or Grass goldfish are all from one family, and are offered in numerous variations. If you take good care of those you can survive up to 25 years. Grass goldfish and comet tail can reach up to 30cm in length. They are great for the Koi pond in the garden, because they can be extremely well survive the cold. The goldfish can survive, for example, up to 2 degrees. They usually have orange color, although this can vary. The comet tails are the cheapest alternative – they are longer and narrower in comparison with the goldfish, and are available in gold, orange, brown, red and white or orange and white color combination.

Koi Pond In The Garden – Breed Fish

Fantail are the noble variation – they are up to 12 cm long. Avoid that you mix the fantail with the larger and more aggressive goldfish in a pond. You can survive temperatures of 7 degrees to 32 degrees to good.

The Koi fish is part of the carp family, and nowadays one of the most popular fish species for the garden. Since they are available in very bright colors, they often fall prey to the birds. But if you back up these good protection, they can become your new favorite pets – they are ready to eat from your hands. They are insatiable and often eat the plants – such as water lilies in the Koi pond.

Koi Pond In The Garden - Tips How To Choose The Fish Pond And Breed

Koi Pond Japanese Garden
Koi Pond Japanese Garden

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