How to Arrange Flowers from the Cutting Garden in Beautiful Arrangements

Learn 15 simple tips on How to Arrange Flowers from the Cutting Garden in Beautiful Arrangements. Create fun and make a well-shielded, cozy garden.

Trees And Flowers For The Garden

Play with colors and designs – shrubs, flowers and trees can coexist in the garden – even more so – they create a tension and attract attention. Climbers like roses, fragrant fields of flowers for the garden and pergola to underline the design and create a garden in cottage style.

Climbing Plants And Flowers For The Garden

Try contrasting walls color and flower combinations Bring color to the garden – red color, to be exact. Here red bougainvillea are combined with white daisies to decorate the front porch. Blue lobelia compliment the overall look.

Create A Impressive Entrance With The Right Flowers For The Garden

Fresh flowers and exciting range of colors of different flowers for the garden, in combination with stone wall and gates in the Spanish style are everything you need for an exotic style. Perfola and clematis create the second garden the illusion that he is greater. He looks comfortable and spacious at the same time. Sunflowers are not missing from the design.

Decorate The Garden Gate With Flowers

Lantern, colorful flowers for the garden and creative decorating elements from wrought iron – so you can describe this design idea best. In the end, a cozy entrance has been created, which invites guests. The winding path is still a creative idea that can look bigger garden.

Landscaping – Spring Flowers

Create contrasts with spring flowers for the garden – you create a composition of spring flowers such as pansies and Judas trees. To be in the spring and early summer can look forward to fresh colors. Accept the design with summer plants and flowers.

Landscaping – Figures With Plants And Flowers

Repeat the design effectively – this trick is used by many professional gardeners. Make your mark by planting certain flowers and colors several times in different areas in the garden. Here, for example, purple Lobelia was combined with other spring flowers.

Perennial Plants For The Garden

Bring color into play – here was, for example, a mixture of sage, stonecrop, different grass varieties and shrubs made. The perennial plants bring color to the garden, without that it looks too colorful. Combined with a front lawn -so can enjoy the beautiful design idea even the passersby.

Vegetables And Herbs In The Garden

Design the garden with edible plants. Planting the garden with herbs and vegetables, and mix them with the flowers a – in this way you will attract pollinators in the garden. Herbs smell good and are fresh addition to the salad in summer.

Flowers For The Garden – Combinations With Lawn

A garden in front of the house can be refreshed by a lawn – in this way you will make the different levels in the garden come into play better. Flowers for the garden have a refreshing and attract insects, butterflies and birds – so you can quietly involved in planning a birdhouse ,

Safeguard Privacy And Protect The Private Sector

Create a private area which is well shielded by tall trees and shrubs. Combine evergreen plants, so it is the privacy protection secured even in winter.

How to Arrange Flowers from the Cutting Garden in Beautiful Arrangements

Flower Arrangement
Flower Arrangement

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