Example Of Flower-Filled Garden Planning And Cozy Sitting Area

We offer a beautiful example of flower-filled garden planning. A garden full of colors, scents and textures that will look good from spring to fall. With a mix of new varieties and old favorites, which is to be an exceptional accent for any sunny courtyard. Find out more about the plants and furniture in this garden plan.

Example Of Flower-Filled Garden Planning – Rosabella Anna Hydrangea Arborescens

This magnificent hydrangea provides clusters of brilliant pink flowers that will bloom from June until the end of the season. It blooms on new strains from, so you can cut every year to the floor, if you want.

Example Of Flower-Filled Garden Planning – Devil Bush Physocarpus Opulifolius

A beautiful new variety of a North American native shrub. This compact shrub devil is half as large as some of the most common varieties on the market. Beautiful purple foliage from spring to autumn and small clusters of white flowers in early summer.

White Colourful Dogwood Cornus Alba

A multi Season eye candy. This simple easy shrub offer bright red stems in winter and beautiful green leaves with white edges in spring, summer and early fall, are red-purple in the fall.

Schizachyrium Scoparium ‘The Blues’

A simple ornamental grass, which originates from the North American prairies. It shows a little blue-green leaf blades in the spring and summer, the autumn are burgundy-purple then. Fluffy white seed pods put the accent on attractive foliage.

Snowberry Symphoricarpos

At first glance, can not think that the Snowberry is real when it is covered in the autumn with round pink fruits you. It is also to maintain a no-brainer.

Rispen-Hortensie (Hydrangea Paniculata)

That’s a nice, easy growing hydrangea, which has large, pure white flowers. Blush a rosy color when ripe. You can enjoy their beautiful blooms in July and August.

Rispen Hortensie Vanilla Strawberry (Hydrangea Paniculata)

One of the nicest new shrubs from recent years. The Vanilla Strawberry Rispenhortensie is a large lush variety blush whose white flowers to raspberry pink. It blooms on new strains (perfect for cold climate) By July to September.

Seven Sons Of Heaven Flower (Heptacodium Miconioides)

They would these stunning large shrub for its cheerful clusters of fragrant white flowers in late summer and early fall love. in the autumn you will enjoy the cluster of reddish-pink fruits. It provides a beautiful backdrop and can be hedge also useful for creating a visual barrier.

Shrub Rose Snow Owl

Shrub roses like Snowy Owl are fantastic plants. They bloom abundantly, resist disease, and do not take up too much space in the garden. This plant is no exception and has beautiful cluster of white flowers from June until frost.

Hydrangea Paniculata “Le Vesterival”

Discovered in France, this extra-showy Hydrangea grows large cluster of flowers on new wood, so that gardeners can enjoy their flowers reliably every year in cold climates. This variety is distinguished by its huge flower heads that look like stars. It blooms from July until frost.

Shrub Rose “Sunrise Sunset”

Another shrub rose that needs virtually no maintenance. She has bright pink flowers that fade to pink peach when they mature. Blooms from June to frost.

Shrub Rose “Pinktopia”

A brand new variety for 2011. Lush, soft pink flowers and resistant to disease. It begins in June to bloom and will not stop until it once again comes the hard frost.

Fiji Hibis Cus Syriacus (Rose Von Sharon)

Another new variety for the year 2011. It immediately catches the eye with its large white flowers with pink red center. A fantastic choice for the summer, because it starts in July to bloom and lasts until the end of September or early October. The hibiscus flowers have added a nice little fluffy ruffle in the middle, the extra interest.

Fragrant Purple Lilac

When in bloom, it’s hard not to love the lilacs! The purple lilac is an outstanding compact variety, offers the fragrant pale purple flowers in May.

Geranium Rozanne Storchschnabel

One of the longest flowering perennials. The Rozanne cranesbill blossoms with their purplish blue flowers from June until hard frost. It is the perfect sub for planting roses or a sexy groundcover in spaces between larger shrubs or bushes.

Example Of Flower-Filled Garden And Comfortable Rattan Chairs Planning

What’s the point of a large garden, if you can not sit back and enjoy him?

Contemporary Fireplace

Make your garden something special at night with a beautiful fireplace. All white and soft pink flowers in our example of flower-filled garden planning are shimmering at night!

Example Of Flower-Filled Garden Planning And Cozy Sitting Area

Preparation Media Plant
Preparation Media Plant

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