Evergreen Hedge Cutting – Cool Design Ideas For Gardeners

The hedge in the garden looks good, only when it is cut regularly. When the cut hedge wants, you should do it best once in spring and once in early summer. Which is just the right shape for your garden evergreen hedge? It offers several design possibilities. Check out the following design ideas and access to the shears!

Evergreen Hedge Cutting And Customization

Hedges provide the ability to protect themselves from prying eyes in the garden. In addition, there is an evergreen garden hedge as bed enclosure and demarcation of spaces outdoor. You have to cut hedges, so that hedge plants can grow denser and more evenly. As a best-sectional shape is considered the most common trapezoidal profile hedge. When trapezoidal section, as well as in a conical shape the hedge remains below wider than the top. This gives you a great advantage, because enough sunlight reaches the lower leaves.

Evergreen Hedge Cutting – The Correct Cutting Time Is From July To August

There are different types of cuts and guidelines for individual garden design, as desired. For cutting hedge you should get the right tool and inquire especially about the proper cutting technique. Perennial and hardy plants are particularly well suited for cutting hedges. Outstanding hedge plants are, for example, yew, cherry laurel, hornbeam, spruce and pine hedges. They are absolutely compatible interface, compact and wind and frost resistant. Through an evergreen hedge section you have a good even during the cold season privacy in the garden.

Evergreen Hedge Cutting - Cool Design Ideas For Gardeners

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