Creating Small Garden Pond – Pond Construction Manual For Wooden Pool

If you a create garden pond want, we will give you a quick and easy blueprint for the pond basin and some creative ideas.

Step 1 – Materials

If you an create garden pond want, you need two wooden planks of cedar, which are 80 cm country / for the sides / and three 20 cm long wooden boards for the widths and the divider. Cut out the bottom of the plywood.

Creating The Garden Pond – Build The Pond Basin Itself

Step 2 – Installation

Glue with glue for wood all the pieces together and secure them with bolts, in addition, the pages together. Glue the board in the center, which will serve as a divider – and attach it to the sides with nails. Let the pond basin dry and coat the bottom with waterproof paint. Put a sheet on it if you want to swim in the pond fish. The pond is now divided into two – on one side you have to pierce holes in the ground – where you will create later plants and the soil would use drainage. On the other hand, you need not run through holes – which will serve as an aquarium for fish.

Creating Pond – Plants And Stones

One side / with holes drilled through / you can fill with soil and plant according to your choice. Decorate with stones. In the other part, you can add water and water plants. If desired, you can install a fountain pump in advance. Finished! You can also enjoy our other proposals with a combination of bench and garden ponds below.

Creating Small Garden Pond - Pond Construction Manual For Wooden Pool

Pond Ideas Designs
Pond Ideas Designs

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