Create Japanese Garden – Important Elements Of The Garden Landscaping

Create an island of tranquility – we’ll show you how a Japanese invest Garden. Organize the perfect Zen garden step by step.

Create Japanese Garden – Stones And Art

In the Japanese garden of the stone plays an important role as the main element – he symbolize the earth and is perceived as stable and virtually forever. That’s why he is everywhere – from Steinweg, on unprocessed big stones that serve as accents, except for stone statues, which in the middle of the garden are provided. The stones can be separated from each other, the areas, or connect visually. Who a Japanese invest Garden wants, should leave the space around the stone-free – so that it can better come into play.

Create Japanese Garden – Grass, Plants And Trees

The Japanese garden looks like a picture of – and the garden surrounds the beautiful scenery. The Cherry has become a symbol of Zen Gardens – your flowers create contrasts. Who a small garden, has can opt for bonsai tree. Bamboo can offer a matching finish – you can, for example, build a decorative wooden fence made of bamboo. The wooden terrace in front of the house can also be made from bamboo.

Create Japanese Garden – The Role Of Water

As soon as we can imagine a Japanese garden without water. The garden is characterized are livelier and more inviting. Opt for a waterfall or pond, in which there are only stones. Trees near to compliment the overall look. Who has not much space, can opt for a fountain – is important that the fountain looks as natural as possible – and is again made of stone.

The possibilities are virtually endless -So let oneself from these beautiful images and ideas on how you can create a Japanese garden, inspired and create your dream oasis!

Create Japanese Garden - Important Elements Of The Garden Landscaping

The Versatility And Resilience Of Moss
The Versatility And Resilience Of Moss

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