7 Steps How Do You Build A Low Maintenance Garden Pond

Learn how you can easily an easy-care build the garden pond itself can only in a few steps. If you have a little space in the garden, set up a small pond with a mini waterfall and enjoy the soothing sound of flowing water.

Build Yourself Maintenance Garden Pond – Use Materials

Thus a build garden pond itself, you will need the following materials: pond liner, pad, water pump, wave tube, sand, gravel, pebbles, foam for the pond, belt clip and T-branch.

Build Yourself Maintenance Garden Pond

Step 1: Search For Professional Advice

If you have a building garden pond itself want, the preparation is very important. Consider first where you want to build the pond, how big and how deep it will be, and other important details. It would be best if you first hollow professional advice and analyze the situation very carefully beginning, before proceeding with the construction.

Step 2: Create The Foundation

When pond build yourself is the foundation be of great significance. It is important that you select the correct pond liner for the pond as a basis. Check very carefully whether the film is leaking. The leaking is based on a defect, which occurs most often in the garden pond.

Step 3: The Film Always Protect Well

The pond liner should be well protected against sharp stones and other objects. If you attach the foil at the edge with heavy fieldstones, make even a backing made of fabric that will protect the foil against the stones.

Step 4: Position The Water Pump Properly

If you build the garden pond itself, and have opted for a water pump, set it to any case on the ground. Ask. First a stone or brick and put it the pump If you also set up a small waterfall, set the pump to remove them, as possible. Then leave some space between stones on the edge to hide the shaft tube in between.

Step 5: Set Up A Levee

It is especially important if you have a build garden pond itself, that you set up a levee that. The rainwater that can flow in the pond could cause much damage in the pond. As a possible solution, you build a levee around the pond, so that you can keep away the rain water from the pond.

Step 6: Easy Drain The Water From The Pond

Allows you to easily empty the pond, you should install a T-shaped connection in the shaft tube. In this way you can easily drain the water as desired to clean the pond.

Step 7: Using Stable Tubing

So you are sure that you can easily fill the pond with water and then can easily empty the pond, the discharge tube is especially important. Buy quality materials and invest now rather in order to avoid additional costs for repairs later. A wave tube is always a good choice, because it is more flexible.

7 Steps How Do You Build A Low Maintenance Garden Pond

7 Step How To Build A Low Maintenance Garden Pond
7 Step How To Build A Low Maintenance Garden Pond

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