3 Easy Steps Fast Garden Planning

We will show you 3 simple steps for Fast Garden Planning. Prepare yourself a garden plan by measure and distribute the garden sense. These papers are sure to come in later very helpful.

Fast Garden Planning – Step 1 – Measure Garden

Start with the first step for quick garden planning – you draw a basic sketch. First, limits on the sheet surface, which officially belongs to you as a garden. Mark and measure the distance between the house and driveway, sidewalk, wooden fence, wall and garage from. Get this period – after each change, you can then see the original version.

Fast Garden Planning – Step 2 – Prepare Drawings

Once you have applied all the important elements in the sketch, copy them 4-5 times. On each copy you can then every year a card application of the plant – where what is planted. In this way, you will always keep in future an overview, and even if you are planning a renovation, or want to build wooden pergola, you will never have to hesitate.

Fast Garden Planning Step 3 – Apply Changes

On the final sketch you can label with numbers the different plant species. If you later replace plants or flowers, you can simply add a new number inserting. Modern Online Scheduler programs can assist you with the task – you can even have a three-dimensional Makete your garden ready. Here we show you some examples of how fast garden planning may look indeed.

3 Easy Steps Fast Garden Planning

Francisco Garden Design And Landscaping Services
Francisco Garden Design And Landscaping Services

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