Transforming Ideas For Garden Design In The Backyard Beautiful Garden

Garden Design In The Backyard Beautiful Garden – The ideas for garden design are particularly interesting when one can draw parallels, such as the backyard looked like before planting. The talented garden designer Alexandra Abuza has transformed a small backyard in Brooklyn in a beautiful garden.

In this article, you will be gradually introduced to this process. You will learn how the limited space was used optimally and to a beautiful resort has become. If you do not know what to do with the small backyard or rooftop, let these wonderful ideas inspire you.

The ideas for garden design are not always easy to implement. One should have a clear idea how the conversion process is run. In this case, some steps must be followed. The backyard area where the transformation took place, is 14.6 x 6.4 meters. The owner wanted to fast changes seen. The designer has first created a miniature of the garden where many plants, stone paths, and patio were provided with a seating area.

The starting point of the transformation was an annoying area of gray concrete, what a garden might be called in any case. Before one could start with the planting of flowers, should be improved and cared for the earth first. To cope, Abuza has two weeks needed. Then you have the basic structure of the garden designed by lodged stones. They needed to build no new fence since one was already existing. Next, the designer has inserted the path of stones in the patio area and built the gazebo wood. The implementation of the Ideas for Landscaping needs a framework for the further successful development of the project. These first steps were to speak of the shell of the garden, which is filled in later with plants and flowers.

Some of the key factors in the implementation of ideas for garden design, plants, and materials. They should be very carefully and attentively chosen to represent the desired atmosphere correctly. The stone material Abuza has deliberately chosen with this Distressed and rustic atmosphere. The wood for the gazebo should also look as if it was put there years ago. The garden exudes a romantic sense of timelessness. The man could imagine that the garden area was immediately taken by a country house in England. The designer aimed to create something that gives the impression that it was always there.

When you see the final result, you can not agree on any case that Alexandra Abuza has achieved its goal. The sensitive implantation model with the Irish moss between the stones has helped to ensure the completion of the purpose. The fence was covered with creepers, and most plant species were selected according to a traditional scheme. The hydrangeas were intended as an important part of the garden. The plants were left on purpose, to grow a little more to create a natural atmosphere in the garden. Such examples of ideas for garden design are always a good role model.

The colors in the garden were deliberately muted and harmonious selected and ordered so that the colors are not striking accents in the landscape. The shades range from blue, purple and yellow, which go very well with the greenery. The evergreen plants secure color throughout the year and create a sense of relaxation and tranquility.

After the ideas for garden design are finished implemented, everything looks completely and utterly in most cases. But one often forgets that the opportunity for improvement and development, there is always. According to Abuza, a garden design would never place finish. This project was completed in about ten weeks. If you had to deal with a similar project and started in the spring, you will customize your garden area with security still enjoying the beginning of summer.

Transforming Ideas For Garden Design In The Backyard Beautiful Garden

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