The Best Plants For The Water Garden And The Garden Pond

Here you will find relevant information about which species of plants for water gardens are best suited. Add natural beauty to the garden pond, Plant Species For The Water Garden :

  1. Lotus

One of the most beautiful plant species for the water garden has large exotic blooms such as peonies and flowers throughout the summer. The flowers appear in an array of colors and are a perfect complement to the beautiful blue-green leaves.

  1. Louisiana Iris

The Louisiana Iris comes from North America. Many hybrids have been developed, but one of the most elegant is the red-flowered species Iris fulva or terracotta bearded iris.

  1. Sarracenia flava – Sarracenia hybrid

This plant is carnivorous, meaning they eat insects. Enjoy the tubular leaves and the fascinating red, purple, yellow or green flowers in spring.

  1. Canna indica

The tubular flowers are traditional, old plants that are rarely used in the water garden. To add a refreshing, tropical feel to your landscape.

  1. Kalmus

Grow these plants for a striking foliage. Different types offer bright cream and green stripes that are emerging among the other plants.

  1. Regen Lilien

As a crocus for garden ponds have the rain lilies delicate flowers in the summer months. Colors – pink, purple, yellow and white.

  1. Cattail

A fast-growing plant that brown globular flowers and beautiful green leaves.

  1. Primula Sieboldii

The perfect small plant for the shores of the pond is the Primula sieboldii. They are gorgeous perennials that thrive in acidic soils.

  1. Multiannual Hibiscus

You can use the big, bold flowers of hibiscus for a dramatic show. Native to the moist areas in North America, this perennial is so durable and easy to grow, as it is gorgeous.

  1. Japanese pond iris

The Japanese swamp iris is another favorite among plant species for the water garden. The large flowers provide a charming Palette of color combinations.

  1. Taro

Create a tropical look with Taro (sometimes called elephant ears). For a more dramatic effect, choose one of the beautiful varieties with purple leaves.

  1. Papyrus

While the ancient Egyptians used this plant to make paper, there is also an excellent choice for the garden pond. The tall stalks give the garden a very tropical look.

  1. Lily

A water garden is not complete without a series of beautiful water lilies. There are tropical and hardy species and varieties that bloom during the day and at night.

The Best Plants For The Water Garden And The Garden Pond

The Best Plants For Your Water Garden
The Best Plants For Your Water Garden

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